To Molly with love

A few days ago Molly my dog (aged just 41/2 died of a sudden heart attack). Needless to say my world has been turned totally upside down. So today and for the next few days I am taking a bit of time out from posting.Miss Molly

Arranging pictures

I am asked a zillion times how to hang pictures to create an impromtu gallery esq wall. The key is to consider the artwork you are hanging as some pieces deserve to be hung alone, others such as drawings, photos and small scale prints work best in groups, clustered by a staircase, above a sofa or simply strung along a wall. Professional looking hanging relies on a few simple principles. The important thing to remember is that the images together should create a visual rhythm that is greater than if each one were hung separately. When placing art around furniture go with your intuition: lowering an image to waist height relates it to say the sofa. If you want to draw the eye upwards say to highlight an architectural detail – hang your picture high to help accent it.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

An organic cluster of images animates this bedroom wall. Some pictures lean against the wall for a relaxed feel, and the uneven spacing between them is also part of the composition, which has the impact of a large single work without the formality.

Creating a glamorous kitchen

Kitchens should be glamorous I say! You can do this by adding surprise elements for example in my own pad I have opted for suede 30s bar stools flanking a central island with  an oversized table light – to me this feels very boutique hotelish at the same time harmonizing the kitchen with the rest of the room.

Open shelves are also wonderful for adding tons more storage and at the same time showing your taste to the rest of the world. Plus you don’t have to have a big kitchen to add glamour in fact one of the smallest kitchens I have ever seen was in NY and it was beyond fabulous (see below). Wallpaper flanks the painted black cabinets so that everything merges seamlessly. Every inch of storage space has been used even above the cupboards and the effect was dazzling.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Sexy, sublime and incredibly glamorous this minuscule kitchen packs a big visual punch.

kelly-wearstlerKelly Wearstler’s kitchen is the kitchen of my dreams. A strict colour palette and clean, graphic lines are glamorous, swanky and just shout old Hollywood. Its traditional but its paired with a modern vibe, its theatrical but not kitsch. I love it! And I so so so want to look like Kelly!

Elf Life

Thank you to the Independent magazine on Saturday for their very lovely feature on my house -  for the full article just click on the link.

Below is Bert my elf light who has a full page feature in the article. I found him at an antiques fair a few years ago and here he sits proudly on my balcony. Having said that he has quite bewilderingly flung him self off twice whilst I have been out of the house – crashing to the floor and breaking an incredibly expensive light (TWICE) – which we have had to get mouth blown from Venice to huge expensive!! So he is a little bit in the dog house to say the least -although seeing how very cute he looks here I have forgiven him.