New exciting website

Exciting day today our new website has just gone live with an updated bunch of products, an expanded interior design section and new press page. Plus we will be updating our ‘new’ page regularly.

Check out

Apologises for not replying to any comments – I am so late its terrible, Graham is in the car honking the horn, Maud hasn’t packed her bag for school and I am still in my pajamas – yikes.

Happy weekend everyone

Making a splash

I wanted to get you in the mood for spring with a sweet little spread on green. Totally totally obsessed with this colour whether its zingy lime or earthy sage it’s a color that lifts the spirits like no other.  I steer away from slapping it on my walls rather I prefer a quieter approach (odd for me to be quiet I know)  but there you go. Foliage, flowers, vases, cushions and all things accessory are how I change my pad for Spring. Its quite incredible how introducing a new color  changes things completely. Both these images styled by the uber talented Fiona Inger.

You can never go wrong with green it just works with everything.

Books and flowers

Yesterday spent the whole day at home working on an interiors project – with jazz and an Adler scented candle burning slowing away – very heavenly.I came across this image of a table with heaps of old books piled in front of it and thought how very cool to put something like this into production. Beautiful for home offices and the like and its gotten me into thinking about expanding our line of lighting a little further. But hey I have a zillion ideas a day that zoom in and out of my mind – its putting into practice that counts as my mother would say!

I leave you with a lovely image of a model decked out in flowers – our fakes have arrived and I have snuck quite a few boxes home and peppered them around the house (all in the name of research I might add) so now I feel like a movie star with glorious bunches everywhere from hydrangeas, to lilac to poppies.

Loving the idea of a table made from books very Harry Potterish

This will be me in a week so obsessed am I with the faux’s I will be tying them around my wrist, in my hair, making necklaces and god knows what else. If you are in town do come by and visit our flower shop in 10 days time it should all be up and running.Slight little problem with Maud who likes to take them out of vases and chew on them but then we are working on that – and she’s only done it at home and she’s still a little smidge of a thing– or so went my argument went to my husband somewhat unsuccessfully.

Closets, wardrobes and displaying your clothes

I’m a lucky girl (I say this rarely so take note) – I have the luxury of having a few more rooms than I actually need. Do not convey this to Graham as I am forever droning on that I need more rooms not less but that’s another story altogether. Anyhow I digress – my closet is ok looking with clothes and shoes shoved behind big doors with super sized handles but since I saw Jenna Lyons dressing room a while back I have been thinking about converting one of our rooms (actually Graham’s office into my closet). Not totally sure where Graham will move to as he can’t come downstairs – he is far to messy and it would drive me bananas,  and I would have to be highly medicated at all times!  There is always the garden I’m thinking. A sweet little hermit cabin at the bottom near the lilac tree would be super sweet for his office – no?

Anyway enough about that– lets talk closets. I’m rather getting into having clothes, shoes bit and bobs on display as per below. The only problem being my stuff wouldn’t look quite so sexy – muddy Wellington boots, holey pyjamas and trainers that Maud has chewed to bits (she teething its ok she’s allowed) but I like the informality of it all and love how easy it would be to just pull together a look.

All the photography below is taken by Douglas Friedman.

Just beautiful love this look.