Seasonal changes

Hot into the store are these super sweet cushions (images below) which my sister and I recently discovered. It’s a slightly new direction for us since our textile collection has generally up until now been all about softly woven merino wool. Whilst we still adore the merinos with spring upon us we fancied a lighter touch. These latest editions are whimsical, nostalgic, fairly tale ish and French. Gem and I lust after opening a store in Paris we seem to continually be inspired by French interiors – inky sludgy spaces with a bohemian vibe are our idea of heaven.  As is the concept store Merci which isn’t inky or sludgy – just pretty much perfection.

Anyhow I digress – it takes very little to lighten one’s space for spring – pack away some of the heavier textiles and rugs and introduce some lighter fabrics. I’m throwing a few of these cushions onto my bed to lighten the mood– Maud (no doubt) who horizontally takes up all the bed and lies over all my pillows will bag them as hers. She’s not the best at sharing.

Easy Living

I brought Sibella Court’s new book on the weekend (Etc) and spent a lovely few hours flicking through and flagging images. Sibella is a stylist one of the best there is in fact. Having lived in NY for 10 years she recently relocated back home to Australia, opened a store called Society Inc and released a book.What Sibella is fabulous at doing is collecting and then curating her finds into beautiful vignettes in both her store and her home.  She creates three-dimensional nooks that are distinctive and beautiful. Even if you don’t particularly adhere  to Sibella’s style it’s a fab book to get inspired by. It will  make  you look at any blank wall and think yikes – dull, dull, dull!

I prefer a slightly more funked up glamorous vibe to my interiors but the fabulous thing is the common thread that runs through the book,  the idea that your home shouldn’t be a showroom. It should be relaxed and liveable, it should stimulate the senses and tantalise the mind. A haven that you long to come home to at the end of each day and when you nail it  believe me you will never want to leave.

Sibella’s pad when she lived in NY. Every little nook has a narrative to share and although the space is loft like it actually feels snug and cosy.

Lovely hey

Beautiful things

I have lusted after panelled rooms for what seems like years as nothing shouts gentleman’s club and boutique hotel more than panelling. With its illusion of grandeur panels are a  fabulous solution for boring walls that lack any sort of architectural detail and its super easy to do yourself. Plus you don’t necessarily have to do the whole room – a wall behind a bed or a hallway feature wall are a good way to start. They key to making this look work is to combine contemporary pieces with this timeless classic look – the whole mix and match thing. Oh and when you paint your panels they must be dark for maximum impact. Then you get this whole dialogue going on which makes my heart beat a little faster as I type – imagine the simplicity of panelled walls (very conservative and traditional) given a dramatic gesture and jolt with a fabulous sludgy hue. Heaven on earth and now I don’t want to work today I want to get panelling!

All images styled by Emma Thomas – who is a genius

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful

Elegant, effortless and chic everything a home should be.

Love your home

I’ve have become rather obsessed with Francois Halard’s pad in France especially the kitchen. One of the many reasons I think is because he has so successfully personalised every room from the kitchen to the bathroom. So many kitchens that I see are dull as dish water, bland, clinical and not a place to linger. So here’s the thing from now on I think we should all (me included) accessorise with aplomb. Add art, sculpture, and wallpaper, some super cool chairs and before long I reckon we will have kitchens that are practical but also tantalising.

Below is example of how one designer changed a rather small gallery esq. kitchen in New York into a kitchen that just screams glamorous. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I realise but if you take the plunge and wallpaper a wall it really will push your space into the fast lane.And this dear friends is what design is all about coming out of your comfort zone and doing something you wouldn’t normally do – like going dark for instance.

This gallery kitchen has been transformed into an eclectic, quirky space purely with this rather fabulous wall of wallpaper.