Changing your decor

I love rugs I love how they dramatically change a space from ordinaire to extradinaire. Funnily enough they are often the last thing I source – everything else I find easy peasy rugs take me a little longer. There are rules although often times I break them but the theory goes if you already have pattern on your walls or furniture opt for rugs with solid colours as too much pattern can be a little overkill. I have inky painted walls so have opted for patterned rugs to enliven my space.

They are great for cosying up a space, adding texture and a focal point and they don’t have to cost the earth. Anthropology, Ikea and Habitat have some fab ones. Below are a couple of images from the Rug Company who have made rugs sexy all over again – I am rather fancying that dressing room below I have to say!

Rather loving this room – the pattern and texture of the rug is fantastic. Without it very plain with it – fabulous!

This is the bedroom of my super cool friends Graham & Jo Atkins Hughes with a rug from the rug company. Heavenly – if they didn’t live two minutes away I would copy this look in a nano second!!

Mary Queen of Shops

Last night I appeared on the BBC2 programme Mary Queen of Shops and just want to thank everyone for all the messages and emails saying lovely things thank you so much. Was an absolute joy taking part and showing Denny & Dazzle around my home I have the hugest admiration for anyone who runs their own business – its a tough world out there in retail land and with Mary’s help and all the other experts on the programme think Denny & Dazzle now have a superb store which can evolve and move forward. Totally endorse and agree with Mary’s view on the importance of independent stores on our high streets which are way too bland and boring in my opinion. We need more unique stores that tantalise, thrill and seduce  just look at Paris and how fabulously they endorse and support the small guys. Check out Denny & Dazzle’s website – oh and an image of their new look store below:

A sense of fun

Again apologises for lack of posting last week  – mostly spent in Amsterdam on a buying trip. Amsterdam is a pretty inspiring space – teeny tiny and easy to navigate. The Dutch are pretty well known for their design think Marcel Wanders and Moooi, Frozen Fountain and of course Droog. Whilst alot of it is not exactly my cup of tea I very much love  their nod to the quirky. I have said it before and will say it again good taste is pretty pointless without an element of fun. The trick I think is to subtly introduce humourous touches to a space so it’s not all out crazy. Hence our new lighting collection with its whimiscal touch – hoping a week or so away until the first prototypes come through the door – I am guessing its similar to having a child – the wait is excrutating and these last few weeks have felt like years. The difference being if I don’t like back it goes to the potter to get re-done – guessing one can’t do that with a child right?

Anyway am late as usual,  Maud has just left for school without kissing me good bye had to run after her to remind her – she has sat against the front door with her nose pressed to the door waiting to escape for the last hour.  Haven’t spell checked any of this so again sorry. Below is an image of some lighting that has been around for yonks but has that British sense of fun about it. Sweet in a little nook or above a table I am thinking. Happy Monday


Again I find myself apologising  for lack of posts. Crazy busy days of late culminating in a buying trip for the rest of the week in Amsterdam. Next week hopefully will be slightly slower and back on the case yabbering about all things interior. In the meantime please forgive me for neglecting the blog world. Lots of new stuff to yabber about as well as some fabulous oversized bugs made from vintage fabric. More on that next week xx