Pizzazz continued…

Am staying on the case this morning of injecting pizzazz into spaces. No one does it better than actor and shop owner  Tori Dixon White. Her interiors are beautifully eclectic almost as if she has been pottering around the globe picking up great pices. Yet there is a incredibly laid back vibe to her interiors sophisticated without being stuffy.

Do I need to say  more, Tori’s art  hugely transforms this space. The heap of cushions make it the perfect place to hang out. Very jealous!

Eclectic, quirky and fabulous when you lean art against walls and rest it on floors you create a super laid back nest. Forget that single piece of tiny art on a large wall with a horrid picture light over it (yuk I see it so many times ) and instead layer, mix up, hang, lean and most of all enjoy.

The devil is in the details as they say and flowers faux or otherwise add oodles of personality. I am incredibly lucky with Columbia Road flower market being minutes away from my home so every Sunday  I buy little posies and bunches of whatever is in season to embellish the dining table. Of course the faux flowers hang out everywhere else from the balcony to the garden (yep huge bunches of faux hydrangers  sit on my dining table outside) linking outside with in. Well must dash Maud is coming to work this morning and we have decided to walk in along the canal – here’s hoping there aren’t too many ducks. Maud isn’t so good with them.

Adding pizzazz

How to add some pizzazz to a space is a question I get asked again and again.  Its super easy you just need a big dose of confidence and a few tricks up your sleeve. Imagine for a moment you live in an old stone building where the walls are thick as anything and it all feels a smidge over whelming. Well to lighten the mood one such homeowner has added a causal bright funky little tablecloth, some fab little green chairs and an assortment of personal mementos on the mantle piece. It shouts relaxed,  lived in and totally sweet.

Art is one of the best ways to snazz  up walls and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Sketches, prints, photographs simply framed  add a unique vibe. Love the image below  it’s a magpie approach  so nothing matches yet it all makes perfect sense. Oversized pillows (you can never have too many) add another layer of comfort .

Reworking vintage finds by re upholstering and giving them a jolt of colour is one of my favourite things to do and nothing makes a statement more than a good old splash of colour. The space below shows how fabulous some sweet little bar stools can look when revamped.  Yellow a colour that scares a lot of people (me included) looks fabulous when used as a detail  I love how it flows throughout this space.

That’s me done happy Wednesday before I forget I must apologise if anyone is having trouble purchasing my book. It seems many stores have run out again – its currently being printed for the third time (WOW) and is due in end of Sept so please bear with us.

Thank you

Sneak Peak

Morning, thought I would give you a sneak peak of our new install At The Shop At Bluebird. Its an Aladin’s cave of fabulous ness in my humble opinion have posted  a few images below (excuse quality of images they are rather bleached out). Our art has been given a tongue in cheek twist, our faux flowers are big, blousy and colourful with deliveries arriving every few weeks so popular are they and the furniture is traditional with a rock n roll twist. So hot pink coffee tables side alongside little loveseats from France.

Gargoyles hang out with mushrooms, poodles peer down on greyhounds and big fat bugs climb the walls. Welcome to our world!

The coolest fixtures and fittings

As another early start is on the cards tomorrow morning thought I would post today as for once I am being super organised. Plus it means I can put off thinking about the heap of paper work that’s growing by the hour around me.

Talking of growing there is a trend  (and its rather a fabulous one) of replacing chrome nickel, pewter and whatever else you want to call them with good old-fashioned brass fixtures and fittings. Far softer and warmer on a space than their silvery counterparts I think it’s a fabulous way to go. Visually I so much prefer and for once no matter if your walls are pale (why may I ask)?? or dark (yay) then brass fixtures give a space a boutique hotel like vibe.

Jenna Lyons has in my opinion nailed what the perfect bathroom should look like. Inky black walls with beautiful reclaimed fixtures in the softest gold. Reclamation yards are a fab place to get a bargain and many bathroom showrooms are now getting in on the bandwagon and producing brass versions, Waterworks being one of them.

If I could I would replace all of mine in a nano second – but the hallway still isn’t finished the front of the house is in dire need of a complete overhaul and there’s an office and bedroom to work on. Oh a car to buy – my windows are now stuck in the open position which is just about okish in the summer but very bad for motorway driving am arriving to clients looking like I have just piled out of bed so bad is the hair with the wind!When that’s all sorted its onto the taps although looking at the image below of Jenna’s place I want to forget all of the above and simply buy old fashioned taps right now.

One of the most beautiful bathrooms on earth I say. Simple, beautiful and fabulous.

New in from Waterworks a beautiful brass tap (not sure I would team it with a copper sink) but hey the tap is great.