Round Up

Well guys thanks for all your support and good wishes on our new range – thats me done now for two weeks. If I have the time I will try my best to post from Paris but we are buying as well as exhibiting at the show so days are long and tiring. Softened a little by being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world though.

Yesterday we photographed our  new products shot of course by the fabulous Graham Atkins Hughes  and the photographs look stunning. I will post sneak peaks but first all the images have to go to my agent in New York. Thank you again for all your kind wishes,  will be back to regular posts in two weeks time.


Show time

Its fair time – the NY Gift Fair has just finished and Frankfurt and then Paris are just about to start. I love this time of year exhausting yes but the excitement of finding new stuff for the holidays is sooo exciting. I am banned from buying anything for the house by hubby (its getting rather full I must admit – but he is on another planet I think thinking  I could go to the shows and not buy anything for  home – I mean really) ! Talking of shows we have now received all our  lighting prototypes ready for Maison way way late but very fabulous. Very tongue in cheek and very us I love them. They are being photographed tomorrow and rather than putting them straight into boxes I’m going to arrange them all over the house until the very last moment when they have to be boxed up – hmm another domestic about that no doubt!

Anyway fairs are a funny thing often times there are distinct trends that all the showrooms preview. In NY numbers were everywhere printed on cushions, curtains, boxes and stationary see what I mean…

There feels for the first time in ages to be a certain lightness and informality in this season’s products. Not silly for silly’s sack but idiosyncratic and therefore intriguing. Thank god I say, fresh, fun and habitually chic makes me a very happy girl.

Happy Tuesday

Going retro

Its funny no how trends come and go.  One minute we are all into feature walls painted a different colour to the rest of the space and the before you know it they are  yesterdays news and everyone scorns them . One trend that seems to go on and on is the retro one particularly 50′s inspired or should I say Mid Century Modern. I too am a fan but I like to mix it up a little as all one style just seems too formulaic for me.

Take this image for example – beyond beautiful but a tad too expected. Of course its personal but interiors that follow a recipe are the easiest to achieve and thus don’t excite the imagination in any way. Everything you see is 50′s – what about a smidge of kitch (before you all freak when its married to craft its idiosyncratic and utterly lovely) or how about rustic, Victorian, Rococo you know the drill. Mix era’s don’t go for one look otherwise I will be spending the next 40 odd years of my life droning on about how boring everything is.

How not to decorate

Scary day today I get to see the whole collection for the very  first time. Up until now its been teeny tiny swatches of colour so feeling excited and scared at the same time. Maud and I are supposed to working from home but can’t settle and are pacing and pottering around the place. I’ve called Graham about 1000 times already and he’s not even reached Birmingham to report back so I won’t get to see until late afternoon, exactly what state I will be in by then who knows.

Enough ado about my situation – lets talk interiors. Below is an example of how not to decorate.

Here is my problem its way to formulaic, uptight, uptight and uptight again. Its a biege haze of blandness every chair matches every cushion  is placed just so. Lamps make perfect sense, rugs co-ordinate and its so dour.  Unimpeachably tasteful absolutely but there is something missing. If I were a doctor I would say the ailment to this interior  is nothing short of decor deprivation. My prescription – a big dose of groovy design, intriguing shapes,  splashes of colour,add exuberence add ornateness and please add a little fun. Good taste is all very well but pointless repeat pointless without a little fun.