Getting creative

Two posts in one day is I know very rare from moi. However tomorrow I rise at 4am (unless snow falls through out London and curtails travel)  and so rather than not post thought I would get super organised . I love this time of day dusk is  rapildy descending to blackness and the house,  as I sit in my snug little office is washed with the softest glow from the zillions of lights I have on coupled with the odd scented candle. A fire burns gently in the grate Maud is snoring and all is at one with the world .  Which got me to thinking  how important it is to have a work space that inspires you to get creative, that you want to linger in until the dead of night, where you follow your dreams and make new plans. Below is just such a space the creative office space of lifestyle  guru Kelly Moore. Exuberant, stimulating and fabulous at the same time.

Its a heady mix of high end glamour mixed with in with a rustic vibe. Am pretty sure I could get very creative in this space.

Talking of which all day I have been hammering out ideas, sketching (very badly)  some concepts for our next product range and wanted to turn to you guys for your valued opinions. We are of course expanding our range of animal lights as the response has been amazing but aside from lights I am torn between designing a range of vases or a collection of candle holders. Needless to say they will of course follow our ethos idiosyncratic with a sense of tongue in cheek whimsy.

I can’t  do both  at the same time as we are working with a very small collective of potters in Stoke on Trent and I don’t want to blast them with stuff nor do I want to outsource to China as I am pretty passionate about producing a collection that is made in England. Stoke on Trent is and has gone  through some very tough times, once the centre of pottery production for England its seen far better days and in my own small way want to keep it truging along. Anyway back to my question – a range of beautifully, quirky bold, blingy and fabulous candle holders or vases. I am leaning towards candle holders since I burn candles all the time and find whats out there a bit dull – but then also feel the same way about vases. Decisions, decisions.

Brighten Up

The easiest peasiest way of changing the feel of a space is through lighting.  You can instantly change the mood creating atmosphere and washing a space in a warm glow. I have spoken before about ambient accent, task and kinetic lighting so what I really want to concentrate on this morn is statement lighting.One statement piece adds instant impact, its unexpected and dramatic. Far too often I see the tiniest tiniest chandeliers hanging down from the centre  of a room. You can’t really expect magic to happen unless you think slightly out of the box and think big. It’s all about masterfully mixing the super sized with the normal and infusing your space with things that stimulate the mind.  If everything is the same scale then dare I say a bland haze of boringness prevail s– ugg please don’t invite me to supper!

Statement chandeliers can be expensive so more often that not I go down a vintage route – often times they are more enchanting in an oddball sort of way. Also why not consider a super sized table or floor light . Often times at antiques market I might pick up an old wooden lamp stand spray it a zingy colour and top it with a huge shade. It’s a disregard for convention that I am after not purely to be wacky for wacky sake. Its more about  creating spaces that are playfully individual and stimulates the mind.

A detail of the chandelier hanging in my pad. Made from porcelain its almost bigger than the whole room.

Beautiful I would have upped the scale a smidge but this lovely chandelier totally takes this interior to another level.

A vintage lamp stand that I sprayed for my book. I ripped off the fabric of the shade and sprayed that too – if doing something similar opt for a super sexy bulb.



Ikea’s gone boho

It’s not just me that loves a mix of ethic and eclectic, patterned and plain Ikea have also embraced the boho chic look. Against a base palette of white they have added some bright confident hues to liven up the mix as seen in this interior below.

This is Ikea’s take on holiday entertaining  – chairs are mixed and matched infact a cushion is even plopped on a heap of magazines for an extra impromptu seat. Instead of slavishly following a modern or Scandinavian clichéd design they have styled this in such a way that the room gets to feel like part of an actual home. Its messy and chaotic but in a good way. Its full of stuff, which has been artfully placed to look like its been causally thrown onto surfaces. The bohemian look is probably one of the hardest to pull off since there is no formula as such and it can go seriously wrong and look like an utter mess. A few helpful words of advice  from the great Dorothy Draper

“If you are collector, let other people share your pride and joy. Don’t sprinkle your collection out of sight in a meaningless jumble. Notice how groups of small objects, when they are well arranged, become important and effective. Remember that repetition is a form of emphasis. Collect what you will, but see to it that you arrange your hobby to its best advantage.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself – happy entertaining and Thanksgiving to those of you Stateside.

More on Kate Spade’s pad and our dog lights have some celebrity homes

How exciting is this  Robert Downey Jr  brought a couple of our bull dog lights which were needed immediately for a party he was throwing and Alexa Chung  hosting an MTV show  requested our poodle, bull dog and greyhound lights. Not only that the Savoy are stocking them in their beautiful revamped hotel as well as Harrods. People magazine (one of the hugest tabloids in the States )have featured them as have oodles of other press. Totally overwhelmed and excited about the response thank you to everyone who has featured them and brought them.  To know they are going to such interesting homes makes me feel very happy indeed!

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Some of our lights.

I have posted a few images  before of Kate and Andy Spade’s New York pad so excuse the fact I am featuring more. I am a little obsessed to say the least as it personifies everything I love about a space – jam packed with books, art, stuff,  furniture resulting in a space that feels so liveable.  There is something that is very grown up about the place but yet its coupled  with madcap Hollywood glamour which is very clever.  You feel tantalised and surprised at the same time which is pretty hard to nail without it feeling over the top crazy.

A total inspiration – an interior that flirts with going over the top but always stands just back from the edge and in my humble opinion that is not only hard to achieve its pretty darn genius. To sit predigreed antiques next to quirky finds totally knocks tradition on its head. To multi layer a space that is so dense with references it feels like you are taking a wander along the Silk Road is totally and utterly inspring.

Beautiful, full of life and personality.

I love Andy and Kate’s art collection – it mixes different eras and styles beautifully.

Although I wouldn’t choose such traditional furniture I think when its coupled with contemporary art and some bold shots of colour it works wonderfully.