Updates and revamps

First up apologises for lack of posts – no trains to Paris meant being 6 hours behind schedule and its gone a little crazy. Still its lovely to be here in the middle of the Marais even if I only get to see little glimpses. Recently I came across this image which immediately appealed as I am all about customising stuff revamping it and giving it bit of a rock n roll vibe.

Simple to do you can literally scrawl on anything and its transformative. I have taken an old piece of rust and in barbie esq pink scrawled the wife is always right! Everyone who visits thinks I have brought the piece from some super doper gallery. Talking of rust I am a little obsessed – one large piece hangs in the centre of my winter living room. Excuse the boring picture below of my pad its was early days before any furniture but I wanted to illustrate to start a collection you can surround yourself with fabulous things that don’t cost a fortune. Happy Wednesday – late already must dash. x

It looks like a painting and thinks its a painting but nope just one big old piece of beautiful beautiful rust.

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7 thoughts on “Updates and revamps

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  2. What bothers me about the cabinet is the word “it’s”. The apostrophe is not supposed to be there, unless this is supposed to be a joke – everything in its right place – and the apostrophe is out of place. If that’s the case, then this becomes way too complicated for me for a piece of furniture. I like the look of the room, I just don’t like the misspelling. I had very tough grammar teachers in school.

  3. how did you make it/find it? Is it literally just a sheet of metal left outside to rust? Is it backed with something to avoid ruining the wall? Love it!

    • Mostly found in flea markets often the back of old signs. Some I have mounted on board and others with raw plugs straight into the back. As the are the back of the signs its the front that backs onto the wall and therefore doesn’t damage.

  4. That non-painting give good color and light, so it must be right.

    Another artist friend of mine, also has a packaging factory.
    All his neighbors call him when their bakery over explodes, or a belt breaks. He cleans up their disaster quick and easy, and keeps all the debris for his own supply.

    He makes lamps and desks and chairs…from all his rescue calls.
    He even made a fireplace surround from his stash, and fast!

    Cheers!… to some good finds

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