Ta Da

Our new website is live – its morphed from being understated and bijou to a funked up, glamorous and if I may say so myself a very  happy hunting ground of quirky individualism. You will find paintings which double up as storage units, beautiful  felt rugs, scented candles, tons of vases, furniture, lighting that makes you look younger and of course our fabulous faux flowers. There is also a page of all my latest loves – updated each month plus this week we are getting super professional and updating  our Facebook page whereby we will be running competitions (think gift vouchers worth zillions,  or  an hour of my time also worth zillions I have to say), insider tips, inspirational stuff and everything to do with making your pad fabulous.

We are not quite up to date with all our press pages we have had such amazing coverage that we are still scanning in as we speak all the historical stuff – so please bare with us on that front  (all should be  sorted by the end of the week).The interior design section has been updated,  images of the store abound  oh and if you are a trade customer wanting to stock our lights – all the details are on line.

Enough from me hope you like – all feedback welcome www.AtelierAbigailAhern.com

Thinking Big

Whenever I design for a client no matter how large or small the budget I think big – i.e. I think about combining visual impact with some high voltage hues but coupled with that the need to introduce a sense of intimacy. Into the mix I celebrate scale introducing smaller pieces with super sized pieces to add an element of grandiosity.  I create vignettes so however small the space rather than for example one sofa against  a wall  (a la doctors waiting room) I cluster small chairs around a fireplace for a conversational nook. I put the sofa at an angle, throw in some little tables, add oodles of lighting and before long the eye is tantalised. If you create divisions or vignettes as I like to call them within a room (again don’t worry how small it is) the results are –  comfortably eclectic. More is more you don’t have to go overboard but your space will feel way more exciting if everything isn’t banked against the wall with a ton of floor space in the middle. In my own pad you have to meander around chairs, tables, rugs to get around you simply can’t walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other .   It’s a bit like journeying along the Silk Road  - a sense of discovery and exploration prevails whereby  styles and  cultures intersect and hang out together.

One of Jonathan Adler’s designs and a perfect example of how to build and add layers. Nothing is slapped against a wall instead it all gravitates to the center of the space. For me  I would personally prefer a greater mix of styles to really ramp up the eclectic vibe but hey – different strokes for different folks as they say.

A Kelly Wearstler designed room and pretty darn perfect. See how fabulous it is to create multiple areas all in close proximity of each other. A seating area at an unexpected angle from the desk, little tables butting up against furniture. Its bold, its blingy and its a very good example of what I have been rambling on about.

Dream Decorating

Do it often – staying up late visualising how I might change a room here tweak a room there its what I call dream decorating. I’ve already decorated and fully furnished with my mental blender the house I want in Tuscany along with the bees, a loft I would like in NY and if I may a little bijou pad in the South of France.  None of which is even in the pipeline. I’ve revamped in my head my London garden back and front, re planned the bedroom made adjustments to the hall all whilst working on the new collection and tweaking the website (talking of which will go live possibly today sometime if so I  shall post, if not today then tomorrow).

If I did have a house in Tuscany here’s how I want it to look – the images below are from The Selby of Dan Martensen and Shannan Click’s home in New York State. They have in my mind the perfect country pad I love its vibe, relaxed, comfortable homely. Textures abound, its effortlessly stylish and I am jealous.

I flit between rustic and high voltage glam all the time – combining the two I think is heavenly – the painting adds another dimension all together. It ups the style ratings and adds an unexpected twist.

Simple, simple simple and very effective.

Summer in the garden – no prim and proper borders just relaxed living at its best.

Which tribe do you belong to?

Style Magazine in the Sunday Times this weekend had a fabulous article on being a Decorexic – you know your one if your love for fashion has been super seeded by your passion for interiors. Whereby your heart rate doesn’t increase at the thought of a Selfridges sale it quickens at the thought of trudging around a flea market, or a visit to Farrow & Ball to discover the latest range of colours. When Elle Dec and Livingetc pop through the door once a month (for me add on Vogue Living, Instide Out, Italian Elle Dec, Wallpaper, Grazia Casa, Dwell, American Elle Dec etc) and you can’t wait until the end of the day to light a fire sip a glass of wine and flick through.

In the feature Pip McCormac broke the interiors obsession into four tribes; The Quirky Collector, The Modern Minimalist, The Country Casual and The Cosy Comforter so which one are you? Very sweetly Pip mentioned that if you happened to fall into the quirky collector tribe then you will be worshipping at my altar! How exciting thank you Pip I adore  all things quirky not because they are quirky mind but because  a funked up in your face glam idiosyncratic, bold, blingy interior is way more interesting that an understated biege haze of graciousness. So I am going to ignore if I may the other categories and ask that if you happen to fall into the other three please consider changing allegiance!

What makes an interior quirky – easy peasy – unexpected gestures, mixing up the styles, playing around with a dizzyingly colourful array of hues, adding wild patterns and a mish mash of textures. Be brave, be fearless  be mischievous  and be glamourous.

Quirky quirky quirky – nothing matches in either image and yet it all makes perfect sense.