Creating an eclectic interior

The hardest style to pull of since its a blend of furnishing styles  from a mixture of sources and time pieces. You don’t get the look by just throwing any old thing into a space there has to be commonalities in order to create harmony and cohesiveness. Fear not however there are a few rules to follow which make the whole thing way easier to follow. Pick a common denominator whether that’s colour, pattern, texture, scale, finish or shape and make sure the pieces in your room relate in some way or other to one or a whole host of these. To confuse you even further you need to constrast in order to add intrigue so mix up the scale, add some high voltage hues, accentuate pattern and before long your space will look like its fit to be photographed for the glossiest of interior mags.

An interesting nook – hanging out on a wall art from different periods, different mediums and different scales. Nothing matches and yet it all makes perfect sense.

A Wearstler design – your eye gets pulled in a zillion different directions and yet there is some co-ordination with the colour palette and the scale of the furnishings. It may be too much for some for me the more interesting you can make a space the better.

Layering your lair

Cushions, throws and rugs are the equivalent of the 5-minute face-lift in the decorating world. In less then a second you can transform a room by layering the soft stuff over chairs, sofas, floors and beds. To me the finishing touches are the most exciting part, seeing a room take on a complete different personality once layered is addictive.  If your room is lacking a little oomph rather like my very own bedroom then textiles add a new lease of life. If your pad lacks pattern then cushions and throws are an excellent way to introduce some, as of course are rugs. Soft furnishings add individuality and points of interest making a space homely and cosy and what better way to introduce you to the bedroom of my dreams – Miss Donna Karen’s pad.

It’s somewhat unusual for me to like such a neutral space but this is  beautiful. Layered to perfection, simple and laid back where different materials and finishes intermix, hang out together and create magic.

Easy Elegance

I must apologise for the lack of posts these last few days – crazy hours and a work load that increases by the day has resulted in my being rather neglectful  again apologises.

I have spoken before I think of how I in terms of style I flit between laid back rustic and funked up glam its an internal battle I have with myself as the key for me is to marry the two as fabulously as I can without totally endorsing one look or other. I wanted to concentrate today on the rustic vibe you know the thing – pieces that have an aged as opposed to an over polished look, that are a tad threadbare, distressed with a beautiful patina or texture. I came across one couple’s house (Kenyan Lewis and Grace Kelsey) in the NY Times recently who have gone the whole hog and totally embraced the rustic look. Walls are lined with old barn wood, chairs are leather and loungy with the stuffing poking out and old vintage suitcases double as storage and impromtu tables.

Causal comfort is easy to achieve when you add the odd tattered and battered piece. It shouts easy elegance and whilst not everyone’s cup of tea ( I know some of my relatives would have a mini breakdown at the thought of introducing such a piece) I personally love it. Its not so much the look but the attitude about selecting pieces that tell a story, have some integrity and detail.

Bedroom walls are clad in old barn wood and add a beautiful layer of texture. Shoreditch House in London does this look fabulously well, coupled with  much more of glam vibe its all selecting looks that last.

Old suitcases double up as storage and are used throughout the couples pad in lots of inventive ways.




Creating a stylish home office

Whether that’s a nook under the stairs, a spare bedroom,  a private library or a desk in the corner  a home office should look as fabulous as every other area of your home. I have pulled out pretty much from being in the store at all (a scary decision but a necessary one) and now use  my home office as my base. Except it doesn’t actually look like a home office – imagine a vintage 50s gnome (from an amusement park) which doubles up as a light hanging out on the balcony near my desk, a woollen zeebra rug skimming the floor, apples crates full of logs for my fire and a zillion different lights from supersized to teeny tiny. Since this is where ideas come to life I want a space that inspires and stimulates. Layer your office as you would your living room, art on walls, heaps of cushions on chairs, flowers, books all that personalise stuff that transforms a room from being ordinary to extra ordinary. The two images below illustrate rather  beautifully how this can be done – both images from Elle Decor:

If your office shares a spare with your living area treat it in the exactly same way – layer, layer, layer and personalise.

This pretty much nails what I am talking about at first glance you wouldn’t really think it was an office.