Monochrome interiors

A big huge thank you to the Telegraph this weekend who featured  the best 20 blogs on interiors and listed mine as one of them along with Apartment Therapy amongst others so hugely delighted and flattered thank you. Thank you also to you guys for reading the number of hits week on week is astonishing  and amazing so again thank you, it makes it so worth while.

Lets  talk interiors, more to the point lets talk about monochrome schemes. Generally I’m not a fan they feel a little too limited and unimaginative for me and way to easy.However I recently came across a space that used such a palette and I kind of like it, kind of that is!

I like how the serene rather calm space is broken up with fiercer deliberate contrasts of black and I love a black kitchen, nothing looks more fab in my humble opinion than a kitchen painted out in deep sludgy hues. The only slight problem is that streamlined cabinets and high performing appliances are all very well but for me it needs a burst. A burst of something, an element of tongue in cheek whimsy, a painting and a little more stuff – you know what I mean those everyday items – vital ingredients that turn something that is ordinary into extraordinary. With a monochrome scheme its also quite hard to inject that easy laid back kind of ambience that I am so obsessed about as it has a tendency to feel a little uptight. Not that I should start moaning paneling the smallest loo on earth in rustic old timber caused all sorts of domestic issues this weekend and its still not done.

Happy halloween – Maud and Mungo want to go door to door tonight banging on doors for dog treats and  they want outfits (so as not to be outdone by the kids). As if I haven’t got enough to do the pressure is on!

Closets the walk in kind

I am thinking I want one, a walk in closet that is.  My dilemma do I take a third of the bedroom up with building out the closet or stick to wardrobes that take far less space? I am leaning towards building out, it would make the bedroom much smaller but then I am not sure that bothers me. I don’t want the bedroom to be multi functional so don’t want to work in it, hold coffee mornings in it, or any of that sort of stuff. Just want a big bed, maybe a chair by the fire, heap of textiles and a rug oh and a chandelier, some cool bedside tables, bedside lamps – who says I am difficult! I’ve been wadding through some inspirational images of closets,  some people have given over whole rooms which I could also do but for some reason am reticent. I was saying to G this morning I am sure if I had a closet things wouldn’t be in such a mess, I can see myself happily humming away whilst folding neatly into piles jumpers, stacking shoes etc rather than the sorry state of affairs my current wardrobe is in. He raised his eyebrows and said he thought the humming would last the duration of approximately 5 minutes.  G is in a bit of a bad mood he has got to panel our downstairs loo this weekend in rustic old wood with a ton of splinters and he is not so happy with the chore ahead. Maud, Mungo are I are his assistants with an eye on the clock I reckon we can finish it in 2 hours!

First up two dream closets whereby the whole room is actually the walk in robe as they say in Australia:

Love it, a whole room as a closet would be amazing.

Jenna Lyon’s closet or room I should say remains one of my favourite. However I’ve decided not to give over a whole room instead incorporate into the bedroom.

Perfect little nook for shoes, loving the rug and below a simple nook converted into a closet.

Flash sale Thursdays – 20% off my masterclasses next year

Due to the amazing response of my master classes I have decided to hold them on a regular basis in the New Year. Every other month,  on a subject VERY close to my heart  I will be yabbering about how to up the style ratings in your pad. How to add personality, tongue in check grandiosity, the wow factor, how to embellish walls, shelves, how to add colour  and by that I mean dark, inky hues and so on. Classes are one day each (dates to be disclosed in the next few weeks I am just waiting on a project that I may need to schedule in ) and all are held in my pad.

They are slightly more expensive than the Christmas master classes,  (naively underestimated the cost of  running them) but the fab thing is you can now buy them as a gift voucher for the holidays to give to loved ones, friends and of course yourself. Seeing how its flash sale Thursday there is a special introductory price of 20% off until midnight tomorrow – bringing them in at £120 (they are normally £150).  The vouchers are not on the web yet or in store but will be shortly– it’s a sneak peak for you guys and as I said the offer ends tomorrow. As usual you need to email the store or call to reserve +44 207 354 8181). The classes will be held over a Friday and a weekend each  for maximum flexibility.  Plus there are plans afoot to take it global but more on that  in the coming months!

Hope to see lots of you in the new year and to convert you over to the dark side!

Here’s the gift voucher, really needed to get Mungo in there as well but Maud was having none of it!


How to make festive cool

Easy peasy you just need to get along to one of my masterclasses. All dates fully booked with waiting lists apart from Friday 2 December where there are a few spaces left. Some of the things we will be covering – how to do festive chic, super speedy ideas that add instant flair to your lair, creating a fab table, some stuff on flowers, tree ideas on and on I could go and will go just to warn!  An image below of my studio decked out for the hols – super sized baubals and a crow. This year I’ve got huge big porcelain parrots(winging their way over from Italy)  to flank either side of the fireplace if I can pinch them out of the store (didn’t buy enough and they are amazing), fab t-lights, amazing ivy for the mantles and well tons more . If you fancy coming along then either call or email the store to sort out a place: +44 207 354 8181, and as mentioned with only a few places left its first come first serve.