Flower Power

Apologises for the lack of posts these last few days I have the craziest schedule for the next few months just to warn so might miss the odd post.  Yesterday up at 3 am back at 10 so its a little full on. Also a big big thank you to all of those of you who came along to the master classes this weekend it was fabulous meeting you all, thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Flowers are something on everybody’s mind this time of year, how to do something that’s cheap, looks stunning and gets visitors and guests gasping. The simplest tip is to colour block, rather than mixing up your posies stick to one colour, it tends to look far more expensive that way. Also don’t show the stems, let flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, carnations, parrot tulips etc. skim the top of the vessel they are in, again they look far more expensive. If you are short of a few vases use jars,  do as I do and line them with foliage, think big fat leaves as below.

Those French glass yoghurt pots make excellent containers for little sprigs of berries, herbs etc. and double up beautifully as t-light holders.  Its much better to have smaller bunches than one big ta da bunch in the centre of the dining table, and talking of t-light holders they are the perfect vessel for small posies of flowers.

Flower markets are fabulous at this time of year with the hugest selection to buy from just go early to get the best selection. We generally go at 4 which is unearthly I agree but once you’re up and whizzing through London with no traffic around its so worth it.

Tra La La

Thank you for all the lovely sweet messages cheering me up, it worked no end and although it’s barely nudged 5 am much happier today.  Am sure all that is required is a day off which looking at the diary is 23rd December – so not so long away.

Thought we would talk a little bit about holiday decorating today as I’ve come downstairs the house is infused with the scent of pine and it’s gotten me in a festive mood. The neighbours don’t know about the master classes and think I am sure  some Christmas nut who decorates her house early, wreaths on the door, Christmas trees outside and in – there’s been a few funny looks! Because I have a lot of stuff at home and because I love every single little thing clearing mantles down, moving out furniture for trees causes (as nuts as this sounds) much anxiety. What to move, do I have to move,  should we not just build an extension (Graham)  so I don’t have to move things- that sort of thing. There are ways round it though – if you’ve got heaps of stuff like me or if you simply don’t have the room here are a couple of sweet alternative ideas for trees. I should also mention although I am obsessed with faux flowers I am not a fan of faux trees. I’ve got tinselly ones plonked on shelves but the large ones no no no no no.

When I was at the flower market, the new Covent Garden one that is  (which I would encourage anyone who lives in London to go to) I came across wonderful amounts of foliage which look stunning as tree replacements. Plop on a table if its small it looks fab and decorate away.  Bay trees also make fab trees, the scent is heavenly, scatter with fairy lights and then plant outside when Christmas is over.

Simple hey, of course you can go bigger and more dramatic like so and particularly fabulous if you position over a table.

That’s me done – shower then an hour no doubt throwing things onto the floor I have nothing repeat nothing to wear. Also a  little worried about leaving Mung’s he howled yesterday as I was barely around and not sure G is the most comforting of parents, he doesn’t quite understand the word snuggle! Haven’t quite got to the bottom of it  but I came home to find the wrong lights yesterday, no radio 4 or music in the background for the guys, no fire crackling away in the grate on and on I could go. So I’ve booked them into school which they love and written a long list for G on what to do when they get home!

News Flash

Two cancellations on Saturday mean there is now 2 spaces available for my master class on the 26th. Held in my home in East London I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary, doing some festive stuff, with a catered lunch, mulled wine and mince pies around the fire and a question and answer session on any dilemma’s (decorating wise) you may have. It’s a jam packed  fun fabulous day – hope a couple more of you guys will be able to join us. Its on a first come first serve basis so please either email the store; contact@atelierbypost.com or call +44 20 7354 8181. xx

Inspirational new interiors tome

I don’t buy as many interior tomes as I used too, I find there are very few out there that I love. I want to see pages of unstuffy, laid back  interiors a la Selby or indeed this very new release by the fab photog Martyn Thompson, entitled Interiors by Martyn Thompson.

Martin’s work has been gracing the pages of many of the glosses for years now and in this new release he profiles homes that he particularly loves as seen below:

There is nothing pretentious or formulaic  with the interiors in this tome and as I bang on about in my master classes the more layers you create the more appealing you make an interior. The plan or at least my plan is to bedazzle myself and visitors the moment they walk through the door. I want senses to be activated  and you do that (or at least I’ve done that )through colour, scale, pattern, texture and scent not forgetting a twist of the unexpected.

I leave you with another page from Mr Thompson’s book – crazy day ahead and feeling a little blue, sure it will pass but sometimes I wish I just kept bees in the country, made jam and pottered around with Mungo and Maud rather than getting up at 5 and working till who knows when. The joys of one’s own business I guess xx