Happy holidays

This week I am hardly at home in my own bed traveling all over the country, working crazy hours, and staying in some not so good hotels which means regrettably no more posts from me this week nor next week as its the holidays. The hugest thank you to everyone who has read the blog this year and for all your comments. Getting up often times at 4am to pen the posts and at times feeling like a little lone ship out at sea all gets forgotten about  when I see the number of people who read this blog and get your comments. Thank you guys very much.

For me its been the craziest, scariest year to date more of which I will be able to tell you about in the new year. Back on January 3rd in the meantime happy holidays and happy New Year.

Tips for the holidays

Forgive the late post, I had dinner last night with Heston Blumenthal in the private dining room at the Ten Bells with a bunch of fabulous people and it was a bit of late one.  Two coffee’s later and a ton of orange juice and I’m beginning to feel slowly alive again. In January lots of exciting Heston news to tell but that’s for January lets concentrate on today.

One week to go until Christmas, until yesterday the house was adorned with trees and foliage on mantles and fairly lights everywhere for the master classes so I have been leaving and breathing Christmas since early November it feels. Then yesterday a film crew came round and needed everything gone so here I sit in my studio and it feels a little bare. The worst thing my schedule is so insane next week that I’m not actually going to put any of it back, which is a little strange i know. Enough about my strange world  everyone else is decorating and getting excited about the holidays so I wanted to show you a couple of inspirational tips for the holiday.

First up and the most fabulous is this lovely idea for the dining table – simple as anything all you need are bottles and taper candles. The bottles can be the same height or different but if they are the same the trick is to vary the height of the tapers so you get a lovely rhythm going on. Just like in a room the more you play around with height the more interesting the space becomes.

Next up a very simple flower idea – works for any flower parrot tulips are shown here, as they are quite textural – in a straight line down the table. If you house them in t-light holders instead of vases you need less flowers and the effect is just as good.

Fairly lights (am obsessed with the things) add instant glamour to a space I’ve draped over mirrors, apples crates, mantles and so forth. When the light drops they add an almost magical note with their glittering shimmering light. Below is the home of my friends Graham and Jo Atkins Hughes (Graham shot the image) and you can see how it totally and utterly ups the style ratings.

Happy weekend, mine is work based and not so relaxing but I’m on the countdown to Christmas Eve when I stop for two days – cannot wait!

Master class review

Posts in two parts today -  its super early but I’m running to the store as tons of new deliveries are in and need styling  (literally running by the way as the Merc is still not working) so once I’m back mid morning ish I will write a proper post. In the meantime I leave you with a lovely little review of my master classes, the last one of the year held on Tuesday


See you in a bit x