Mirror mirror

Forgive the short post this morning, I selfishly decided to spend an extra ten minutes in bed snuggling Maud rather than writing my post. Mungo being a boy and a puppy (not the easiest combination) doesn’t understand the point of snuggling and kept interrupting us to play games – until Maud literally snapped at him and peace was restored.

So she says, writing at the speed of light as my taxi will be here any second, if you want to immediately add the wow factor to any room, ramp up your style ratings and have one of the coolest pads in town add a super sized mirror. Forget the rules, plonk them on walls that are way to small – or vice versa put small mirrors on walls that are too big and you will immediately see the effect I am talking about. Magical not only do mirrors expand horizons when you start playing around with scale your interior will instantly take on an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

Two images to entice – my pad below and an image taken from lonnymag.com

Got to fly still in pjammas with dripping wet hair, not such a good look on a filming day!

12 thoughts on “Mirror mirror

  1. Hello Abigail,
    Have to agree on your comments about mirrors. We are currently re vamping an old property and are planning to place a very large French antique style mirror above the sink in the small bathroom. Its much too big really but we feel it looks fabulous! The plan is to paint the wall dark too, Down pipe maybe to add to the drama. I remember some bathroom pictures I saw years ago where very old but large venetian mirrors adorned the walls of what was really a very simply styled bathroom and it looked stunning. Loving the blog.
    p.s Hope the hair has dried!

  2. What a great way to create some elegant spaces! I was always told to group small things together to make them look important and “on purpose.” For large expanses, I’ve found that some colorful and large wall art fills the space without adding too much bulk.

  3. Couldn’t agree more! I absolute love mirrors, the more striking, the better! We have a fabulous one in the showroom ,that we had to have an rea built around ( alittle bit crazy, but the mirror was worth it!). Wish I could add a picture here to show you…

  4. Hi Abigail . Loving the tv show and going to the dark side this month in hall and bedroom. Could you let me know if the colour in your pic here with fireplace and round mirror is F& B down pipe? I want a dark grey with bluesy/ greenly hue. Also the green colour in your sisters apartment bathroom in your book – I’m considering F &B light gray. Many thanks, Lucy

    • Its Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball, in the bathroom its dusted moss which looks quite different in the pictures as its actually a soft taupe colour

  5. hi, I’m currently painting my hallway in FB down pipe, Im using down estate eggshell on the the skirting and floor paint on the floorboards.
    The floorpaint looks lighter in colour than the eggshell. have you experienced this?

    • Yes the floor paint is certainly lighter it didn’t used to be when they were still using oil based paint but because its now water based it is. It did bug but once I started dressing the space you hardly notice it

      • thanks for your response, I thought i might have a dodgy tin of paint. Yeah im sure it will go unnoticed in most places but im also painting a staircase with a mixture of both paints using floor paint for the treads. very disappointed that the colour is going to vary on this.

      • Honestly once its all painted out I think it will seem far less annoying. This paint colour changes about a million times a day with the light – so you will have areas of walls that match the floor at certain times of the day

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