A Little Indulgent

I am going to be a little indulgent and zoom to the gym (first time in 2 and a bit months) long days has meant the gym has had to go on the back burner. However today is a home day so if you don’t mind I will dash to the gym and then post later this morning. In the meantime I leave you with one of my favourite pictures:

Miss Maud otherwise known as Fraudie before baby brother Mungo arrived. Its funny hey how boys turn your world upside down, and inside out. Fling stuff at you, chase you around the house, follow you everywhere when all you want to do is just potter.

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4 thoughts on “A Little Indulgent

  1. Chris Evans on R2 this morning bemoaning both the demise of wallpaper and the art of wall-paper hanging!!- Tell em A!! Wallpaper never died, it was merely sleeping!

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