Going for gold

Morning, – dark at 5.30 am  ugg, seems like only last week when it was light and warm with no nip in the air. Long tough weekend ahead for me, need to get the bulk of the book written before leaving for Paris, and we are to the wire on everything. Tableware arriving today, half the stuff for our exhibition stand still  not arrived, plus we’ve lost Maud’s passport, Mung’s so we discovered yesterday has some skin thing going on and is suffering from hair loss (hope thats not catching)  and whats more he begins French school next week and you know how kids tease!

Oh by the way when we get back from Paris the store in Islington is going thru a bit of a revamp so we will be having a stoop sale as I need to make way for all the tableware and other stuff we have got coming in.  So lots of things going at big discounted prices which we are going to sell off American style  ‘on the sidewalk’ for one morning one Saturday, from bookcases to pots to stools should be fun, oh and a few vintage bits from home as I can’t find a place for them.  Not sure yet on which weekend it sort of depends on our energy levels but pretty soon and will tweet, blog faceblog the normal stuff.

Right then down to business I wanted to talk about gold today, sounds too blingy well here me out. I adore gold more than I do silver its a warmer colour for a start,  and every home needs some shimmering metallic thing in it for the simple reason that metalics enhance a room. Like magpies we are drawn to shiny things so when you plop a beautiful gold mirror, or picture frame or vase in a room it lifts it immediately. Think of it like jewellery you know how a ring or bracelet lifts an outfit well gold does exactly the same for a room. So you could go for some cool vase, or curtains, or cushions, maybe a rug, picture frame, piece of furniture like a sofa or cabinet. I’ve got gold pineapple wall scones which I adore and little gold carafes that I fill with the odd bloom and plonk all over the house. Its a simple decorating trick adding something shinny to a space but all the cool designers do it,  as it lifts a table, a mantle, a shelf, a wall to an extraordinary new level.

You can barely see it on my shelf at home, but belief me when the light hits my little gold carafe it sparkles and dazzles and up’s the style ratings  (its the vessel housing the red bloom). I  have them all over the house.

Am a bit crazy about our gold pineapples they are in my studio as seen here, in the bedroom and shortly hot footing it to the bathroom.

Happy weekend.

The animal trend

Our homes should make us smile, one or two pieces in a room should stand out at us and literally envelope us with warmth. Otherwise it all just feels a little too contrived, wrong, too serious, every space needs a little quirk, every space something a little funny.  What better way to do that than with animals a trend that has been with us for decades think  old country manor houses littered with taxidermy all over the place. I had no idea when I designed the dog lights just how popular they would be, retailers all over the globe have snapped them up, A list celebs have snapped. we have wait lists a mile long because the shade maker has not been able to keep up with the demand. Until now that is when after what seems like ages we have finally solved the problem and from the end of September there should no longer be any lead times on standard shades as 1000s will be in stock.

In the store we are a little animal crazy from papier mache elephants, to gold owls to big chunky silver boars – nuts?  possibly but you know what people coming thru the door have an instant smile on their face and that to me is priceless. Same with  my house, I have a moose in the garden, mooses in the loo, parrots on fireplaces its rare for a person to walk straight downstairs without lingering and asking where do you get that from.

So if your space is a little dull, lighten it up with some quirky finds – Adler, Anthropologie and us of course are just a few retailers that have embraced the animal trend big time. Flea markets are fab hunting grounds as are charity stores and auction houses. Oh and a sneak peak of whats coming in store in a few weeks time, bison and deer (gotta have one of those bison with the attitudy face)!

Right must dash, the kids (Mungo and Maud have a vet visit to get their passports in order for Paris next week) and I need to go and get my eyebrows tinted. Too much information? Apologises kind of feel like I know you guys

Flash Sale

I am a big fan of adding some tongue in cheek quirk to ones pad, so if your place is a little drab and you fancy upping the style ratings then check out today’s daily deal.

Two of these fabulous bookcases, which I should add are both in perfect condition were originally £635 and are now reduced a whopping 40 percent to £381.




Dimensions 112 cm(l) x 60cm (w) x 18cm (d)

Either email or call the store on +44 207 354 8181, email: contact@atelierbypost.com.

Good Luck

Glamorous Dining

Some days are scary, you know when you wake up and you start thinking about all the stuff going on and your chest kind of feels tight, that kind of scary. We leave for Paris in less than a week and  my new tableware collection we are launching at Maison Objet is in transit somewhere between here and South Africa. We have still to get it photographed (reference shots only at this late stage) sorted, cards produced oh and I have to write and finish the book in 2 weeks!  See what I’m talking about, somehow I’ve got to exhibit the collection in Paris, buy for the store plus buy for the new store (we still haven’t signed,  the searches are taking forever,) and write the book simultaneously See what I mean, its chest tightening stuff!

Here’s the tableware anyways (I posted these shots on fb recently) just out of the kiln and looking fabulous if I say so myself so I can’t wait to see it for real.

Here’s my point of the day, stuff looks better on a dark background whether that’s food on a plate, or whether that’s painting some part of your house dark I kid you not, things totally look more sophisticated and grand against a dark background. Don’t trust my word  for it, have a look at these inspirational pics from Sweet Paul Magazine; see how the food looks so stunning when the background is darker. Plonk that on a white plate and none of us would be here talking about it.

Last night after the longest day I made macaroni with minted peas, basic 5-minute stuff. I served it in supersized teal bowls (dish washable I might add) and by God it felt and looked like I had spent hours slaving away in the kitchen. It was lost somewhat as it needed to be served at the table with candles etc but to tired to sit up we donned pyjamas and eat it off the sofa whilst watching Hells Kitchen.

Nearly forgot, we running a flash sale today on fb  (4pm) & I’ll post items here also. Big  discounts on some store items as we are making room for all the A/W things arriving. Today bookcases, there are only two at this price so its a first come first serve basis. Back at 4 with the deal of the day!