Adding some razzle dazzle

A very lovely rather tiring weekend just past, there was I saying it was all about pyjamas and reading when in fact it was all about gardening. Digging, weeding, composting can hardly walk this morning. Pottered to Petersham and strolled along the river on Saturday morning its my most favourite spot in the world on sunny weekend mornings, I could literally live in that nursery. Brought a hydrangea that wouldn’t find in the hire car,  (the Mercedes is still not working) Petersham said they would deliver but me being me wanted it NOW! So Mung’s and Maud and I had to squeeze up front, the boot had to be sprung open and it was one of the most uncomfortable journey’s home having brunches scratching our faces and all three of us bent over on the seat in the smallest position! Never mind its in and its gorgeous – decided to practice what I preach outside as well as in and have a positioned this biggen on the terrace in a small little area near the fireplace, it totally nails it. Rounded off the weekend by lighting a fire in the outdoor chimney, which got way to smoky so we ended up all smelling like kippers. Nice!!

Down to biz I thought I would concentrate on home offices this morning selfishly because mine needs a bit of an overhaul. As the business expands at the rate of knots so does the workload and what used to be fine as my desk is actually no longer big enough, so heaps of papers and reference material get plonked on the floor and on the balcony. So I am on the search for something a little zingy to transform the office, so hard is this task that I have actually thought quite seriously about designing my own range of office furniture. Desks are in boring colours, lamps are so dull I would rather candlelight – and as much as I love vintage I don’t always have the time (actually the patience to wait wait wait). I just want to buy something off the peg that looks and feels a little different – an impossible task it seems!

As most of our rooms double duty these days – the office might also happen to share space with the reading room perhaps (like mine) or with the bedroom or even the kitchen, its important for our home offices not to feel too corporate.  I’ve moved my red lacquer table downstairs to the kitchen by the window so I can work out recipes and hot desk it when I need a change from upstairs and the reason it works and looks so cool is because its not a typical desk colour. I’ve added one of my greyhound lamps, a big bunch of blooms and a scented candle, and I’m as I’m happy as Larry! So when choosing the practical stuff go off radar, desks in zingy colours, lights that are obviously practical but also cool, do that and suddenly you find yourself living in a space that makes your heart pound at the thought of returning too it. So come on manufacturers a cool selection of officey furniture please that doesn’t feel overtly officey,  otherwise on top of everything else I will have to design a range!

Came across this interior that Ivanka Trump designed for her colleague, the desk is bespoke regrettably, shame as its rather a cool one but it adds that immediate razzle dazzle to an interior. Forget all the other formal boring stuff going on in the room (Ivanka if you going to become an interior designer the trick is to make your clients feel like they are not living in a show home) – but hey that is a whole other days groaning and moaning!

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4 thoughts on “Adding some razzle dazzle

  1. please show us your desk, pleeeze!? btw, I keep finding there is a fine line (which I sometimes just dont know where to draw!) between cluttered, layered and interesting, and untidy, messy and disorganised…HELP!!! – I do like cosy and layered, but I dont like disorder! – or am I just to anally retentive and need a psychiatrist rather than interiors advice :-/

    • Its on just type in my name and you will see it, and you’re right there is a fine line but if you edit the collection and restrict the colour palette it helps greatly x

  2. I love that blue desk! I think I’m going to ask my bf to build one like it for our study/ chill out room upstairs. I’d prefer it in shiny hot pink like the coffee table on the cover of your book but he won’t go for that.

    I normally don’t like blue so much but this is just fab.

  3. My problem is that I always prefer the modern, minimal look, and after a day of living in it goes to cluttered, layered and interesting and shoots run on to untidy, messy and disorganised. (Oh, well I know what the solution is).

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