The thing about vintage

Last retail class of the year today and we are packed to the gills, more retail dates for next year will go on the site next week so do not fear (in answer to all those emails worried there were no retail classes next year).

Right then I want to talk about yesterday, yesterday was a research day testing out the coolest coffee in London, the coolest stores in London everything that makes London London. The odd thing about the day is that it was planned pretty meticulously but bizarrely enough it was only when we happen to go off plan and stumbled across the odd few vintage stores that my heart skipped a beat. The thing about vintage in my very humble opinion is that it adds, it gives a completely unique vibe to a space. Now I know many people would disagree (extended family most probably), not getting all the chipped, the rusted, and the peeling point of having somebodies second hand things in ones abode! Phewy to that, a bit of decrepitude goes along way, adding patina, texture a narrative to a space. Now for me I don’t want my whole house layered with vintage (makes me feel in a time warp) nor do I want my whole house modern I want the mix. Its the hardest thing to do this mixing lark, much easier to follow a formula and stick to one style but who wants to live in a house like that, can’t think of anyone (actually I can but that is not my point)!

Yesterday I stumbled across a lamp a gold type phoenix odd thing that I can’t stop thinking about, the shade was a tad grandma, fringed and cream but oddly enough it didn’t bother me even against the super glamness of the bird. The guy wouldn’t take card and I didn’t have cash and who knows where I might put it but its not everyday one comes across a gold phoenix right with the fattest tummy like Maud’s (not that Maud is fat she just has the most kissable plump little tummy). Too much information OK, probably?

Its the tension you create when you partner something old with something modern – its actually when magic starts to happen.  Forgive me I can’t get the image to upload I wanted to show you and I have a house to get ready before everyone arrives so you will have to trust me on this vintage thing.



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14 thoughts on “The thing about vintage

  1. Something old, something new, something traditional something blue..
    As you were writing about cool coffe & inspiration, my mind shot to a new Norwegian brand in progress. The designers have incorporated Norway nature and tradition into every detail, and I am sure it enhances the art of enoying a good traditional cup of coffe ;)

  2. I bet by the time you read this you’ll have already bought the lamp!! I agree, its’ good to use ‘vintage’ in moderation but you’re right, it does add character and texture to a space and can totally soften hard lines in a room and add warmth. A lot of people seem to use vintage pieces in large/bland/white spaces that need a little ‘something’ to make a room feel lived in.

  3. I’m so glad that I found your blog, after viewing your home at The Selby you got me hooked on your interior style! Looking forward to follow your blog all the way from Sweden.


  4. Dear blogger,

    I am writing you on behalf of a India client who would like to appear in your blog by means of an advertorial. Your task would be to write and publish a post in your blog. If interested, please write me back and I will tell you more about the project.

    • Not so sure about south east but any of the antique fairs run by DMG are fab (all outside London though) Kempton in London every other Tues is fab. Golborn road in Nottinghill is not as expensive as most people thing and then Shoreditch is worth a wonder around as is Broadway market near me – the dog in the wardrobe and Arch under the railway arches near E5 bakehouse. hope that helps

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