Last minute festive tips

In today’s Guardian  lots of last minute super speedy tips from some of the most creative minds around  including moi, I’m incredibly flattered to say certainly worth checking it out. From creating an instant fancy dinner table (one of my top tips) to making your pad instantly festive.

Thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday happy holidays again,



Happy holidays

Last post of the year from me, which sounds weird hey as I keep thinking the holidays are weeks away but nope they are just round the corner. Yesterday Christmas did actually come early as an advanced copy of my book arrived and it looks fabulous cannot wait for you guys to see. It’s published in Australia to tie in with my seminar at Decoration and Design early February in Sydney. Infact I will be book signing after the seminar if anyone fancies hanging around after and yabbering (more on that in the new year). Everywhere else its published end of March so we have to be a little more patient.

So I didn’t want to wind down without thanking you guys for reading my yabberings each and every day, for all your support, kind words, encouragement, questions. I get asked a lot why do I get up so early to write a blog, that doesn’t pay, that isn’t a commercial vehicle for the store (I hate pushing products) so what’s the point? The point is you guys, hearing that someone has converted across to the dark side and loves it, or added a few more quirky bits and adores it, or has just got a little bit more confident to create a home that they love that’s the reason. That’s why I do it, I am obsessed with interiors, you pretty much know that right?  Its so addictive, its so life changing so when other people get the same buzz the same high, that heart pounding faster experience (you normally get when you meet the love of your life) but you can also get through dabbling around with your interior it gives me the biggest feeling of euphoria. So that’s why I do it.

Have a lovely Christmas, holiday season and New Year, I’m back in a week and a half.

Until then happy holidays

Decorating with Style - UK Cover

Taking inspiration from the Spades

With only a few days left until the big day I wanted to post a heap of little finishing touches should any of you be hosting Christmas this year and felt like upping the style ratings. Taken from one of my favourite pads, odd actually that its my fav as its a tad traditional for me, but it feels so lived in and loved and personal to the owners (Kate and Andy Spade).

I’ve mentioned this before and if you can stand it I’ll mention it again. Create a bar any old surface will do, but its great for softening empty nooks and creating interest. Add a lamp and it gets even more interesting especially at night.


Heap family photos on mass, those below are in the coolest little frames but you’ll find when you cluster in a group rather than plonking the odd one here or there they will feel more like a little art installation.


Books, books books and more books on consoles, little tables, coffee tables they give a room depth and I’ve got them everyone. It’s the easiest trick in the decorating book.


If you’ve got to add more furniture to accommodate all the guests don’t worry about it. In my pad, in the Spades pad you can’t walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other, as there is stuff in the way so you have to meander, weave, chart your own path and you know what happens? Automatically your senses are activated and the space feels more interesting than it really is. You can’t clock it in an instant your eye tarts from one vignette to another, LOVE IT! It feels scary at first putting stuff in the middle of the room as opposed to round the perimeter but I promise you it’s the equivivalent of giving your room a face lift its life changing!

Spade 3

Add some art to walls, hell be braver place above doorways like the Spades have done. Kids art, prints, flea market stuff, magazine tears  in a frame again it adds so much depth.

spades 4

Have a great Thursday, its supposed to bucket it down all day apparently so other than a quick dash to Islington it’s a big fire, a scented candle and an afternoon of quietly working away in my studio.

All in a day

Life can sometimes be a little strange; juggling many balls in the air hoping none will fall down. A day more or less typical went like this a week or so ago. Come up with a scheme for the Beckman’s’ possible new London pad for the Times, take the two M’s for a walk, be interviewed by the Guardian on bicycle taxidermy (I kid you not), list the trends for a US magazine for 2013, approve new models for next collection, eat something (soup) I think, conceptualise and mood board new mini magazine, take kids for another walk, finalise dates for Australian trip Feb 2013, write a press release, feed birds, feed dogs, light fire, light candles, move a few accessories around on a shelf that weren’t working, stand around, ponder, sigh  put them back in original position. Bed

Its called being a jack of all trades and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but every time I think I’ve nailed a room here the smallest tinniest little voice in my head is always muttering not quite good enough Ahern could do better. So on we go constantly striving to nail each and every room in that perfectly imperfect way. I can’t imagine a day when there is no voice, most times its quietly mumbling in the background so I can pretty much get on with what I am doing. Sometimes it’s so loud I have to literally stop, move the darn accessories around, or relocate the chair or switch the painting and then I can get back to work.  On the weekend I brought a painting.  ‘oh that’s Johnny Fletcher’ said the bloke that sold it to me , one of Lucien’s earliest works. Right for £20 quid I think not but who cares. I whizzed home with no problem placing him, infact with bundles of food shopping, papers, dogs on leads and other stuff there was no putting away the produce everything got plonked on the hall floor.  I whizzed upstairs to grab a nail and hammer banged it into the wall  (no measuring or farting around, no voice this time) and wham bam looks bloomin cool!

The point you ask, oh yes the point it never gets finished no matter when you think you’ve nailed it and you possibly couldn’t do anything better, different or add something else, WRONG. It’s always evolving, always changing not changing in big shattering type ways just little tweaks.

Oh on top of that we got these amazing table lamps in on Friday- bobbly, hairy, super sized everything a lamp should be and I’ve naughtily bagged a few for me. Only ordered 5 it’s taken the artist like 4 months to make and I haven’t taken the remaining few to the store. Why,  can’t stand too in case they get sold, and I can’t show you  either in case you might want them sorry!   I have one in the bedroom and one in the living room (no voice this time either they look perfect) but I also want one in the hall, one in the kitchen,  one in the bathroom, hell even one in the loo I don’t care where!

It’s causing a few maritals to say the least! When I say a few times that by one thousand!

Oh and an image below,  doesn’t relate to todays yabberings I just rather like the colours.

Happy Wednesday