How is it Friday already, crazy, more over how is it nearly the end of the year even crazier! New year resolutions are quite simple this time round, get a better work/life balance (pretty sure that is not going to happen) collect more art, re-do the bathroom (hate it) oh and go do Pilates and swim for 2 hours a day (right). Told you they were simple.

The art thing I am serious about, I’ve neglected it a bit which is incredibly lazy of me and yet it’s so transformative. You don’t need a big budget to get some seriously cool art, I’ve picked up some fabulous finds at auction houses and vintage shops you just need time something I never seem to have enough off, but I’m making time. Katie and Andy Spades pad in NY which I have shown a zillion times is full to brim of art, expensive art, cheap art, flea market art you walk into anyone of their rooms and you immediately want to linger longer and take it all in.

In my early days of living here I had nothing on the walls not a thing – my life is so chaotic I want to come home to a neutral calm space I remember telling someone. What a load of BS in other words I have no idea where to start and it’s easier to make myself believe I want a calm neutral space than step out of the box and push things. I look back now at the images of our house white and I honestly shudder, so bland, so boring what was I thinking? Actually I wasn’t thinking I hadn’t yet converted across to the dark side and I had no idea how addictive it was.  Once you start daring to be different there is no going back, back then in the white minimal days I didn’t put the key in the door and smile or feel my spirits raise on walking thru I didn’t think anything. These days the moment I am thru that door some kind of magic envelopes me, no matter how tough the day its a bit like taking a massive glug of whisky suddenly I feel mellow and contended.

Anwyas I digress, even if you start in a small way with the odd print or flea market art find banged up salon style (aka higgledy piggledy) in a alcove see what happens. You’ll be drawn to it the minute you enter the room, and then imagine another alcove or blank wall with some other art, way hey before you know it you’ve created some darn cool focal points, tantalised the eye and raised the spirits. Easy no?

An image to inspire as all to collect more art.


Have a lovely weekend – for us Borough market, potter along the south bank maybe a Royal Park for the two M’s oh and I fancied Notting hill but that’s pushing it in a day.

One more thing one of our lovely staff is leaving so we are looking for a full time position for our Islington store, please send any CVs to

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22 thoughts on “Mutterings

  1. This post is rather well timed as I have a question for you! I have a gallery wall in my dining room, it’s huge and I love it with all sorts of things hung and on the same wall a console table. One of the adjoining walls has a fire place mantle and a big gold sunburst mirror and cool plates from Anthropologie hung either side and a vintage bar cart tucked in one alcove and loads of large plants tucked in the other. My question is the ‘other’ adjoining wall. I only have one print on that wall – it’s large but I’m tired of it now. Because the rest of the room’s walls are so busy, I have no clue what to do with it. I can’t hang a lot on it because it’s 100+ year old plaster and it doesn’t hold very well. The walls in the room are a dark grey. Do you or any of your readers have any suggestions?

    You can see it here although this was taken before my Anthro plates ;) xxx

    • Very cool. I would say you hardly need anything for that wall, maybe two paintings quite simply hung side by side will make it feel less like a lone star, and as everything else has hung salon style will give it an additional dimension. A few places for cool prints Pure Evil, Nelly Duff they might have something that works. Good luck and thank you for sharing the images very cool indeed

  2. If you are desperate to add something, would wallpaper work, or would the whole room be too busy then? No problems with crumbly walls, anyway!

  3. Abigail – what do you hate about your bathroom? It seems so perfect and cosseting? Is it just that you’ve had it that way for a while and you are bored with it? Either way – I am quite happy to take any unwanted items off your hands – amazing chandelier, cool candles etc etc

    • The bathroom is the most neglected room in the house as there really isn’t much in it and I’ve neglected it for ever and just need to get my act together but thank you for you kind words

  4. Hello, loving the gallery idea and the photos of redlilocks project above. Well i am happy to hear your new year resolution is to collect more art pieces as you have another art piece coming that I sent to you last week …. It’s yellow … I shall say no more. Hope you like it and even better didn’t get lost in the post!!
    I loved your jaw dropping bathroom when I attended your course but if you fancy a change ….. I’m sure the next will look great too.
    Coming back to your ideas on “diminishing dour dining rooms” I am actually in the process of doing mine (kitchen/dining) … and I’m listening to you …. I need a “round” little table in there …. So I picked up a kinda square one off the end of a neighboring street (in Switzerland there is a pick up day once a month for junk …. I am talking Swiss junk here!) which I will jigsaw “round” and paint up, and I also found a monstrous light fixture to which I pulled off the six glass round globes and put them outside with candles (I left the fixture behind). Well hey, if I don’t pick it up the guys at the flea market will. By the way if there is someone in Geneva following this blog I’d love to meet up and have a coffee sometime.

    • Received it this morning! The hugest thank you and such a lovely surprise thank you again its lovely, and I adore the yellow again thank you thank you thank you so very incredibly sweet of you. Love the sound of your project btw and the light sounds fab, jealous about your Swiss junk days. Hope someone gets in touch in Geneva for coffee yabberings x

  5. Hi Abigail,

    8.20am and sat sipping a perfect coffee in the perfect lobby of the perfect Ace Hotel. Would never have paid a visit if you hadn’t have mentioned it! It’s amazing, really inspirational and I may have to be dragged from here kicking and screaming!!

  6. Hi Abigail, I came to your brilliant masterclass a little while ago, and Ive been looking for a log basket to liven my front room up abit, much like how you had them in your flat. I cant seem to find any in London, just wondered if you had any suggestions?
    Many thanks, Nico

    • We are getting some in hopefully in Feb but in the meantime I seem to suddenly recall that Petersham nurseries had a lovely selection, not sure if they still do might be worth calling first

  7. Hi, I was in Oslo last w/e and came across this gallery/shop – Kunsthandel – that made me think of you – it was dark and full of fascinating and quirky items (alas it was closed) check out their window display & blog
    Maybe you already know of it? The other interesting thing was that many of the interiors we saw were dark and cosy, the perfect antidote to the snow outside. It seemed untypical for Scandinavia but maybe because we were in commercial spaces – hotel, bars, restaurants – anyway it made perfect sense to snuggle and hibernate in winter as it was minus 10 – in the daytime!

    • Thank you for this don’t know of the store but it looks fabulous and also how lovely to know about the dark interiors, its the only way forward I reckon. Hope you had a lovely time have been meaning to go forever.

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