Last minute festive tips

In today’s Guardian  lots of last minute super speedy tips from some of the most creative minds around  including moi, I’m incredibly flattered to say certainly worth checking it out. From creating an instant fancy dinner table (one of my top tips) to making your pad instantly festive.

Thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday happy holidays again,



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2 thoughts on “Last minute festive tips

  1. Hi,
    would you considering doing a series or something where your readers can send a picture of a space in the house and ask what you would recommend the reader to do with it? I’m not saying for an entire room, just the smaller spaces, like a corner or a nook or something like that. That would be fun! And I would send a pic of my bar cart and ask for help with creating a vignette for it! Happy holidays.


    • Lovely idea, regrettably though I just don’t have the time. Writing the blog and answering all the questions each morning takes up quite a huge chunk of time and its not even my day job but from time to time I could possibly do it, thanks for the suggestion. Happy holidays too

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