Brigten Up

Last post of the week from me as am on a 4am wake up call for Paris tomorrow, and hoping the snow forecast for much of the country tomorrow won’t delay things. As its feeling so chilly and wintery I thought ( stay with me anyone living in a hot clim) we should look at something uplifting – ORANGE. I think orange as a colour isn’t used enough and whether you live in a hot country or a cool country it wakes up interiors like no other hue I know.

I’ve dabbled in my head for ages about curtains in the bedroom, thick velvety Rupert Bear in feel type curtains and toss between a dark hue to melt away with the walls or something that stands out, like these amazing curtains below in burnt orange. I love how they have lined them to match the wall colour, plus orange and brown or taupe if you like are a magical combination. If curtains scare you, consider the odd piece in orange – the painting and the little stool in the image below totally and utterly lift the space. Clever, clever colour just when  you think you know every trick in the book, along it comes slaps you round the face like a wet fish (nice) and makes you re-think you’re whole scheme!

Images Petrina Tinslay


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18 thoughts on “Brigten Up

  1. I actually love curtains; especially when they are lined and made in luxurious/rare/one of a kind fabrics. I think they add a fabulous textural element to a room and soften hard edges. Your photo above is a case in point, Abi. Love the use of tangy orange elements ;)

    • Let me know when you’ve coverted across to the dark side and I will give you a gold star. Life is way more fun this side I promise!

  2. Just started bedroom,gone very dark grey,I have put up curtains because very light sleeper and any light wakes me up( I hate curtains) anyway my question is yesterday you talked about your bedroom and I wondered what do you have on your bedroom walls, do I do art wall or leave plain.
    I have a console table which has massive mirror over it but that is only thing on wall, I have sprayed furniture got a beautiful Turkish throw on bed full of colour but something is missing?

    • I have simple white blinds but I think I might add thick velvety curtains as well when time allows. You might not need anything else on the wall if you layer up the console. I have a similar scenerio in my hallway large mirror long console and as the art didn’t quite work either side I played around with scale on the console. Vase with large foliage or twigs, heaps of books, large lamp kind of took the attention away from my mirror and works for me – so might be worth giving a try?

  3. love it, but then i love all & any references to rupert! when i was about 3 i had the most gorgeous little checked two piece that i have always referred to as my rupert the bear outfit… just wish i could get away with it today! come to think of it, that little pant suit would make a fab cushion! enjoy paris, looking forward to your new finds!

  4. Happy belated Birthday Abi, hope you had a lovely day.
    SUPER excited about the arrival of new flowers in the shop you mentioned y’day – please let us know when they arrive – I am quite literally addicted to covering every available surface with them, they look sooo good (especially against a dark Downpipe background!)
    Hope the Paris buying trip goes well,

    • Thank you forgive the late reply Friday was a bit bonkers in Paris. Flowers due in in a few weeks lots of meadowy blossomy blooms shall keep you posted x

  5. Oh yes!! thick velvet. I love it. My sister when she found thick velvet curtains in the thrift shop (which she visit every day) she take them home for me, such a good quality and just for a few penny’s!!!!. The last one was in an a similar color as in the image, a bit lighter. I use the curtains to make little bags.

  6. Oh Paris makes my heart sing. Be sure to take time to soak up its glamour and goodness. And maybe a decadent pastry or macaroon . Mon Cheri !!!! Enjoy the cool weather it was 41 degrees here in Canberra yesterday . Too hot for doing anything but I managed to clean out some cupboards still .

  7. HI Abigail are you at Maison in Paris this weekend, if so which stall number please, I would like to come and see you. Huge fan A

  8. Dear Abigail. I have posted a comment here (this post two days ago) and forgot a “w” in my URL. Can you either add it or delete the comment as with only the two “ww” readers are being directed to the hosting control panel and that doesn’t really help… Sorry for the mishap! Thank you!

  9. 1. I love curtains! My window is east facing, so love the sun rise every morning!
    2. Liked your post, I like curtains with same or almost same colours of walls. Will try different some day. Ty!

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