Decorating with Style

Morning, evening, afternoon to all where ever you may be. I’m currently in Sydney, the weather is perfect hovering around the mid twenties  and not so hot that it makes pottering impossible. Today is my seminar at Decoration and Design which is hugely exciting, and again on Friday.

I’m yabbering about how to Decorate with Style so we’re talking about colour, texture, pattern, dissecting space, small spaces, large spaces, not to mention a section on decorating for less and finishing touches. A lot to pack into one hour, it will be a visual  kaleidoscopic journey; much of the photography is from the new book WHICH is launching at the show today as well! Oh and people are available to register free of charge at Decoration + Design to attend my book signing, which takes place after my seminar at 11.30. So big day today.

The thing about decorating I find is that once you start looking at things a little differently there is no going back. Once you’re brave enough to take a few risks or push a few boundaries there is no return. Take Shaun Clarkson’s pad in London which I photographed for my new book, it was one of the those houses where you just couldn’t get your jaw off the floor. Personal, eclectic, lived in, loved, high-end pieces, low-end pieces, and every room pulled at your heartstrings. There was one particular room which I literally had to removed from I just didn’t want to leave.

Lower ground floor, little natural light and yet this room was magical. Book shelves lined all the walls, some of the books we’re fauxs, (cardboard spines), the furniture was exquisite, the lighting amazing, it was the coolest room to hang out, watch a movie, read a book, flick through a magazine. It wrapped you up in the squishiest of blankets, so that you just didn’t want to leave. It was painted out dark (yes dark, small basement room with low ceilings and no light) and dark! It was such an inspiring room; it literally pulled me up by the coat tails because we often put so many barriers in the way when it comes to decorating. BUT we don’t need to, you can create anything, anywhere the only thing stopping us is our imagination, and those self-doubting nagging little questions that always hold us back. No more I say!


Details on Sydney book signings

So guys the details below for my book signings open to all  this Wednesday and Friday from 11.30-12.30pm at the Sydney Exhibition Centre. I am in Hall 3 and the book signings will take place at the back of Hall 3 just by the lecture theatre. Hope to see you there xx

1. Guests go to the Registration Desk in the Foyer

2 . Tell the Registration staff they are attending the book signing

3. They will be issued with a “TRADE GUEST” sticker which will enable them to enter the fair

4. Any guests who are involved in the interior design, building, decorating, architecture or affiliated industries should register in full.

Book signings in Sydney now open to the public!

Good day from a very sunny Sydney. Haven’t been in the country long but have just found out that my book signings at Decoration and Design have now been opened up to the public which is hugely exciting, as we got so many emails and calls of people wanting to grab a signed copy and stop by.  Numbers will be restricted but if you are in the city at 11.30 on the 6th or 8th Feb and register in advance then it would be lovely to see you.

I’ll be back later with details of how to register for entry and the location of where exactly I will be.

Until then xx