Creating jaw on the floor interiors

Yesterday was amazing.  My seminar  completely sold out, the queues ran the length of the Hall at Decoration + Design in the Sydney Exhibition Centre and the feed back was overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the seminar and the book signings afterwards it was an incredible morning. I’m back again on Friday, book signing afterwards too and for more info see here……

I get asked alot if dark colours work in hot countries and I say yes they do. I personally love the contrast, and I’m a firm believer that if you ditch all those preconceptions like the location of the property the orientation of the property, the architecture even and just start afresh you are on your way to creating a pretty cool home. Rules, regs and barriers hinder us when it comes to decorating, so does discussing decorating ideas that are somewhat radical with family, friends even the Joneses down the road. My advice tell no one especially if you are going dark, keep it under wraps until the reveal and then watch the jaws hitting the floors!


Happy Decorating


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23 thoughts on “Creating jaw on the floor interiors

    • Hi Pip we’ve got one running today which I am sure is too late notice, other than that they are only in London I hate to say

      • Sorry Pip didn’t check my phone for emails the morning yesterday got crazy. I am sure we will be back at some stage

      • Hey Abigail, my husband has a work trip to London this year for a month so might just have to piggyback on that…now to get him to time it around a Abigail retail masterclass!

  1. I concur with the ‘tell no one’ advice. Holy moly my family are convinced I’m depressed or will become depressed when we paint our dinning room/library/kitchen (walls, skirting and ceiling, I’m doing it textbook Abi style) a dark diesel, green colour. It’s strange how oppinionated family is about paint colour, they didnt have such strong oppinions during the planning of the wedding. X

    • Its funny that isn’t it, seems there is something about paint and dark paint at that that makes everyone have an opinion

  2. Hi Abigail. I love the central light in this image, do you know where it’s from? It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

  3. The seminar looks fantastic – if you’re ever involved in a similar event in London it would be great to know about it. Enjoy your time in Aus (albeit a flying visit)!

  4. Totally agree on dark colours in hot countries. Sunshine and natural light is a joy, but too much is glary and uncomfortable here in Australia. All white rooms give me migraines!

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