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Its sooo cold in London, after the amazing sunshine in Sydney last week where I eat breakfast outside of the hotel at 6.30 (in my pyjamas and flip flops I am embarrassed to say, which was not exactly professional but I figured it was early and no one would see), its hard to get used to! Feeling still under the weather, flu, bronchitis and extreme tiredness is not moving on as quickly as I hoped, wishing I had grabbed an extra day of non-work to swim in the ocean and potter about on the sand. Hey ho.

Its a busy time of the year for us, the store is about to go thru a major renovation, (its closed for a few days the week after next); new products are coming in, new spring flowers are due next week (we are expanding the flower shop by the way which is very exciting) so its all change. Change as they say is as good as a rest – supposedly so hopefully that will shake off my bugs. The new website will launch the same time as the store re-opening and our E-zine a few weeks after that.

Yesterday I was yabbering about space, and today I wanted to show you some fab images shot by Kristin Perers of a house in London belonging to Gaby Dellal. Check out Kristin’s blog by the way it’s fabulous, it features inspirational women turning 50. The thing that grabbed my attention about Gaby’s house is just how welcoming it feels. I’m asked all the time about tips on how to create the perfect home and my biggest biggest tip is to make it personal. Fill your home with stuff you love, ditch trends or whats in or whats out and follow you heart. Do that and you get to create a totally unique, bespoke house that conveys your personality and oozes with style. Co-incidentally I shot Gaby’s sisters house in NY for my first book, small world hey!



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16 thoughts on “Get personal

  1. I´m so glad that I´ve found your blog!
    It is so inspiring! You have got it! I mean, what interior is all about is to be personal. You have reminded me about that, an from now on I´m going to be more aware of not following trends, but being personal!
    Thank you!

  2. Hope your fully recovered for Friday. Looking forward to meeting you.

    Also painted a panelled wall in my kitchen with railings and was going to post the picture, but don’t think I can do this via the blog!! looks so much better than before.

  3. Wowsa! The window in the first pic has made me swoon and the second pic door entrance has made me seriously reconsider the layout for our entrance. Not following a trend but when something works……. Thanks again Abi x

  4. Abi… here’s a question:
    most of the amazing spaces I’ve seen already have good bones: high ceiling, crown moldings, big windows, architectural quirks etc, so much so that it seems to me whatever you throw into such space, it will still look amazing (hyperbolically speaking). For me, the real challenge is to decor a featureless apartment: boxy, low-ceilinged, standard industrial windows, vanilla paint (landlord won’t let you paint dark colors) and industrial double pane sliding doors. How do you deal with these kind of spaces? Especially in the US, where new condo/rental apartments are just so bland and cookie cutter and boring.

    Have you ever deal with this kind of space, Abi? If yes, what’s your solution? If no, my apartment can be your guinea pig. Karl would approve!!!

    crossing my fingers I can attend your class in London this summer!

    • You really don’t have to worry about the architectural components of the space. Anything featureless, boxy and low ceilinged is my idea of heaven because the transformation is even more radical if you can slightly think out of the box. When we rented in the States I papered and painted large really large panels of ply wood to break up the light hues and accessorized to the max. My landlord also said no to paint but when I begged for just one room which I would paint back when we leaving they agreed might be worth a try? If not fear not, accessories are you friend so think rugs on floors, lots of textures in cushions, art on walls all of this will tantalise the eye so it doesn’t clock on about the problems with the space it just clocks how cool the space is!

  5. Hi Abigail, hope by the time you read this you’ll be feeling better – having done the trip to Oz a few times I know the killer that is jet lag. I’m trying to follow your mantra of being brave and using paint to transform. I have a small kitchen with a horrible pine boring kitchen. Have no funds to replace the kitchen so am thinking of taking the plunge and painting the units a lovely dark colour, perhaps downpipe. Is this recommended as I have never painted anything but the straightest walls before!

    • Hi Paula, I followed Abigail’s advice and have just finished painting my very old tacky kitchen in railings for cupboards and down pipe on walls and downpipe 95% gloss on ceiling and i witnessed the jaw drop of an interior-designer-dad picking up his son muttering loads of compliments!! So don’t hesitate ….
      Btw abigail i want to clad, in copper, the surface of a piece of furniture i recuperated for the island in my new inky kitchen … Is that ok to use as a work surface? Any tips appreciated!
      Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Fab not sure if you can upload to the blog will check out, but you can to facebook I think. We are soon putting a section on our new website called daring to be dark so would love for it to go on there

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