Spring news

Have to be quick this morning, due in store nowish as the new Spring flowers have just arrived and although we are not putting in the complete collection (the store closes for 3 days next week from Monday for a big over haul) we are putting in some and I cannot wait. We have literally sold out for the last few weeks and both Gem and I have been biting our nails desperate for the new collection to arrive which includes amazing blossom, gelda, roses, hydrangea and so much more. The power flowers have are unbelievable. The thing I love most about our faux’s is quite simply the fact people cannot believe they are fake. They get such a bad wrap; fake flowers are a bit like pot pouri and some people can be soooo snooty about them. So I love absolutely love how we are breaking down barriers and showing just how cool they can look. AND just wait for next week (the end of next week I should say) when the flower section gets expanded and enhanced, won’t reveal too much but there might even be the odd faux tree in store. Blimey I here you cry have they lost the plot? Wait and see, just wait and see, am very excited as you can probably tell!

Along with our store revamp some other changes ahead, our new website launches the end of next week with an expanded product section, our e-zine (launches mid March with some amazing names on the Style Panel) and if I get my act together some videos a little later in the year. Gem my sister, an amazing florist who has worked for the biggest and the best in London and all over the world is going to be in house every Thursday until around 3 so if you have any flower dilemmas, or have an event, wedding, dinner party, and want to pop in and yabber to her she is there on site making up bouquets that we send all over the world. To wineries in California, yachts, A list celebs even the Vatican, I kid you not!

As for myself I plan to be in store every Friday afternoon (apart from when I am teaching like this coming Friday) so if you have any decorating dilemmas feel free to run them past me. If you are making a special trip to see me its always worth calling or emailing ahead of time so the guys can check my diary as with the book launching in the next few weeks there are quite alot of events happening around town. We also have a new fabulous store manager  (Craig) who is a brilliant addition to our team and not only will make sure I am in every Friday, is also highly qualified to help you out with any decorating dilemmas. On the weekends Rose (as some of you guys know I am sure) is around and again is more than happy to help out on- flowers, decorating or otherwise!

Happy days. Have a lovely Thursday and for anyone coming to the design classes tomorrow or over the weekend, see you then. Be prepared to be tantalised! x

faux'sThese are last year’s Spring flowers will post some pictures on fb as soon as we have completed the install. Also all flowers will be online by the end of next week on our new site.

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8 thoughts on “Spring news

  1. funny how your excitement is contagious. I feel like I just had a double espresso :) certainly looking forward to seeing a preview and popping in next week. when re-opened.

  2. So excited to hear about your Ezine and if you are still looking for any guest writers/stylists would love to get on board. I am an interior designer/stylist/blogger and if you want any freelancers you can mail me info@karenbarlow.org, would love to hear from you. Good luck with it all, love reading Rue, 91 magazine etc so another online mag will be great x

  3. Abigail you inspire me! Not just for your creative genius but for your obvious love of life and what you do for a living. Yours is the first blog I read every day and it is so uplifting. Thank you.

  4. Thankyou for your fantastic blog. Can’t wait to see the new flowers and hope there will be some left in the shop for me. I swear by good fakes. Funny/weird; I’m called Abigail and my sister is called Gemma too! I’ve never come across a pair of sisters with the same names before.

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