Another sneak peak of my new Debenhams range

debAs well as art, money boxes, letters, candles, jewellery boxes and  lighting I’ve also designed a range of cushions some of which are pictured here? Patch work dogs, other dogs wearing ruffled collars, tongue in cheek but also super luxurious as each dog is backed onto beautiful velvet. The entire range launches September 1 nationwide  in 100 of Debenhams stores and of course online. Counting down those days – hurry up September 1!

25 thoughts on “Another sneak peak of my new Debenhams range

  1. Hi Abigail,
    I am loving your style and work and, I would love it if you could share what this amazing paint colour is that you are using as I am looking to use it in a bedroom and will be sure to send you the results. Do you paint the ceilings? I’m afraid I missed out on doing your classes here in Australia hopefully I can see you next time you are here. :) Ivana

  2. Hi Abigail, fabulous collection. Following on from Ivana’s question, would Downpipe go with red? The reason I am asking is that I am about to redecorate my Lounge and I really like the colour but my carpets are a rich deep red. I would really appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you.

  3. I hope Debenhams will also have your collection on their German site, because they do not ship all their pieces to the continent. I have already seen some animals I would like to adopt. Waiting for September!
    Greatings from Vienna – Dorothee!

  4. It just gets better! I was ready to marry the penguin lamp on your last sneak peek but may have to commit bigamy and hook up with the rabbit too! You really are one talented lady and I cannot wait til the 1st of September x

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