Pin it Forward

I  am excited to share with you this morning Pinterest’s Pin It Forward Campaign.  Pinterest is ramping up its international strategy by reaching out to other communities in other countries – the first one being the UK, which is hugely exciting. From today there is a new British English language setting, plus improvements making it easier to find UK content.  I am the biggest fan of Pinterest not only can I get to see beautiful images at the click of the button which inspire all sorts of projects it cuts down research time. In the olden days I would trawl through magazines pull out tears, flag them and stick them in a file – now I just grab an image off the web, plonk it on my board and wham bam its done. It you’re looking for inspiration or if you’re in a conundrum with your decorating decisions pinterest will become your best bud. It’s hugely addictive as well just to worn, but for anyone curious, passionate or into design it’s one of the coolest platforms. Of course its not just boards on interiors that inspire – there are some amazing food boards, travel, fashion you name it.

But back to interiors and Pinterest it’s totally great for finding things that are a little hard to nail. Like art for instance. As a buyer its one of the hardest things to source, and personally I find it one of the hardest things to actually find. Which is why I am excited to share with you Saatchi’s online gallery. They have some incredible boards on Pinterest (just started following them) with art up for as little as £100. Cool no?

Happy Friday – oh and follow me on Pinterest if you fancy, I’ve just created a cool board on breaking the decorating rules!






On line design school and one of the coolest how to’s ever!!

To all those doing the online design class- WELCOME.  Very excited to be working with you guys. Passwords and all the details you will need are going out in the next few hours. The first module goes up this morning and then the others every Friday, Monday, Wednesday etc.

A note regarding the homework or assignments as I have called them (sounds less school like). These are purely for fun exercises and will also go up with each posting. You certainly don’t have to do any of them if you don’t wish.  Anyone that does there is a forum where we can post all the results which I will be checking into daily. Also if you have got any queries, questions or comments don’t hesitate to let me know either here or the email address you will be receiving with all the rest of the details! Hope you guys love it, I am pretty proud of how its shaped up!

Day 3 of my gluten sugar free plan. Its actually not so difficult although the weekend will be hard when we normally go out for breakfast, have wine in the evening, but each day as it comes not thinking about that yet. I brought Gwyneth Paltrow’s Its all Good, new recipe book yesterday and if I stick to that and become hermit like by not eating out in the first few weeks that will help!

I have to show you guys this ‘How To’, because as I’ve mentioned before I want all my how to’s not to look home made. This one nails it, utterly nails it. A snakeskin lamp no less. All you need is any old lamp base and then get this – snakeskin duct tape!  From Amazon can you believe. I am snake skinning everything!


All the details about how to do it from Domaine (a site I have only just discovered, literally like 10 mins ago)! I was actually going to post something else no this is to darn cool! Forgive for not giving detail instructions on how to implement its all on the link. Late for Pilates!

On line design class starts tomorrow!

I am attempting to cut out sugar and gluten; I’ve actually been attempting it for two weeks. All starts well in the morning and through lunch but in the evening after a long day a glass of wine beckons, or something in the recipe has some hidden sugar element in it – and down hill we go.

Yesterday was actually my first complete day so lets see how we go. Breakfast this morning consists of a juice smoothie – beetroot, cucumber, celery (I think) and a squeeze of lemon juice – get it from the health food store up the road, oh and some pecan nuts on the side. Tempting? Not so much right!

Down to business – my online design school is ready to go which I am very excited about. Passwords will be sent to everyone late this evening or super early tomorrow morning, its a pretty cool feeling having such an international class from New Zealand to Russia, California to Dubai. The class pretty much echoes my vibe, so its full to the brim of tips and tricks that I carry out in my interiors. We’ll be breaking a lot of rules big time.

You don’t need tons of money to decorate like I do, but you will need to bring to the table the ability to think a little differently. I think when it comes to decorating, and I do this as well sometimes we shut ideas down too soon without examining why we don’t really like them. For example as you guys know I am not a lover of pale interiors, but couple pale interiors with some off radar hues and suddenly I’m on board. It’s like a tool box this course, pull out and use from it whatever works for you.

The more confident you get the more you push it – a bit like riding a bike right. At first we stick to the neighbourhood and then before you know it we’re  cycling up mountains. Exaggerating a little there! Anyways sneak peak below of one of the spreads:

Photography Graham Atkins  Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

One more thing before I go – from May (mid May I’m thinking) the blog gets tweaked.  Twice daily blog posts will start. One of the new features is called Style Surgery.   The idea is that you guys can send me an image of your pad coupled with  any decorating dilemmas you may have and I will do my best to help you out. We can also set up a forum whereby we can post before and afters, advice on sources basically connect and yabber about interiors.

My idea of heaven!