Posh but approachable

Posh but approachable!  Kind of liking the sound of that as it very much epitomises my design ethos.  That and the fact that there are no rules,repeat no rules in interior design. Most of my best ideas are born out of risk and an utter conviction that they will work.  To all those builders out there who continually say ‘oh you’re not supposed to do that” I say ignore!. The results can be truly unbelievable – trust me!

To me design is about unexpectedly catching the eye – so that you are always doing something that is a little off radar – mixing up textures, materials, pieces from different periods and creating one dam sassy dialogue! Trust your instinct and cause some friction as friction dear friends makes everything  look way more interesting.

Graham Atkins Hughes

Graham Atkins Hughes

A pink blind skimming a kitchen window,  and gosh kitchen walls adorned with pictures  (super  galleryesq)- its these personal displays (the mismatched frames and images, the shot of unexpected colour ) that create this off radar look that I have been banging on about and that I SO love.

Graham Atkins Hughes

Graham Atkins Hughes

I have to use this image again because to me this exactly personifies what I am going on about. Who would think that putting a highly reflective pink (outside table) in a Victorian dining room would work. The whole space is brought alive by the glossiness of the flamboyant furniture and the super scale lamp. Its modern mixed in with traditional, its called decorating with drama and its gorgeous.

8 thoughts on “Posh but approachable

  1. I am also a fan of the dramatic splash of colour. I do like this oversized lamp and shiny table. Have you seen the oversized lamps at The Midland Hotel makeover in Morecambe? They are pretty inpressive too

  2. great images, the pink works perfectly and I really love the shiny black floor. we painted our kitchen floorboards black but I thought matt would be best – but now I think gloss would be stunning too.

    p.s. glad to see you are back posting on your blog.


  3. Yes, top marks to that pink blind in the kitchen; I like the way it counteracts the chrome with a touch of flamboyant femininity. Their tiles are super too. I think this is to be the year of off-white rectangular bevelled edge tiles, so I’d better get in on the action…

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    • It was a colour that the home owner made up. The nearest colour I can point you to is London Clay by Farrow & Ball which I have painted my whole store in – its very close

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