Press happenings

We have had some phenomenal press recently from the Mail on Sunday who asked  four leading design guru’s Kelly Hoppen, Joanna Berryman, Helen Green and myself to reveal our hidden secretes and insider tips  (see link)  Mail on Sunday .To Vogue Portugal who have  written a lovely feature on our lighting – thank you Vogue

As have the LA Times – I adore the granny style tag line

Elle Decoration, Instyle Turkey, Harpers Bazaar Dubai, and the Wall Street Journal still to come. We are so excited thank you so very much.

As well as the beautiful images that appear in this month’s  Red magazine of our faux flowers. I am also travelling to Manchester on Friday to take part in a  live discussion on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour on the merits of our lovely fakes.  The programme airs at 10am Friday.

You never quite know when you launch a range how it will go down with the outside world.  Having worked so long and hard in our Atelier bubble you feel within your heart that’s it incredible but until the press starts rolling in and the store’s start ordering you just never know. Thankfully we now know and we are over whelmed and delighted. Beyond quality a range has to have personality, a sense of humor even a little quirk and its great that everyone is responding  to that. A little whimsy goes a long way as they say!

9 thoughts on “Press happenings

  1. Well you’re the only style guru I’ve listened to for several aeons, and the only one I will continue to listen to.

    And the lighting range is ducky. How could they fail to love it?

  2. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ABIGAIL! (just realised that’s AAA)
    Gorgeous pictures and well deserved press indeed. Your hard work and belief in what you are doing is paying off again and again.
    xxx (the ‘granny’ word works, coz the word ‘rock’ is in the same sentence!)

  3. Well deserved. I’m just kicking myself for missing you on Woman’s Hour today. Maybe I can get it on i-player. I’ve just seen your bathroom in this month’s Elle Decoration and it looks fab and very alluring. Thanks for your continued inspiration Abigail.

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