A dazzling town house

Its not often that I see a space that gets my pulse racing and quickens my heart beat, thats eye catching, stylish and yet relaxed and lived in. One such space that ticks all those boxes  belongs to my dear friends Graham and Jo Atkins Hughes who have given their space a bit of a revamp with a new colour palette coupled with some phenomenal finds think plush seating, beautiful art  and a striking mix of vintage. You can hire the space as a location and very soon they will be launching an online store, yay. Without further ado here are some images to inspire – plus a link to their website http://www.location78.com to check out all the other beautiful images.

If you are considering going dark need I say anymore  sophisticated,  glamorous and dazzling. All photographs by Graham Atkins Hughes.

I am in love with this room – deepest darkest black covers the walls, floors and ceilings  Art,  a beautiful collection of  accessories and a fabulous green chair look stunning against the inky hue. It takes bravery to paint floors, walls and ceilings the same hue but I promise you once you have done it their is no going back. Its one of the most exciting things you can possibly do to your space and you can see the result. An enchanting space thats bold, blingy and fabulous.

Both Jo and Graham are masters at mixing colours – chocolaty walls coupled with teal cupboards are a marriage made in heaven.

Transitioning from space to space becomes an   experience to savour. Each floor has its own colour palette and each room surprises, thrills and excites. Masterful mixing coupled with a beautiful colour palette creates an energy that characterises modern glamour.

14 thoughts on “A dazzling town house

  1. Wow!! these are great! Personally I have never looked back since paiting two of my living rooms walls black (actually it is called “Supernova”) it is a great backdrop to my found pieces of objects and my artwork.. i cant get enough of dark slate grey and black walls.

  2. Adore the chocolate and teal room! Absolutely great. I am going to paint my living and dining room chocolate and grey. Want to do something different for my bedroom and thinking about fushia. What do you think Abigail? Any tips for the rest of the room if I go ahead?

    • Wow fushia is being brave I tend to go for inky sludgy hues on the walls and then accent with high voltage doses of colour such as your fabulous fushia. Colour is personal whatever appeals to your heart follow it I say

      • OK, let me rethink. If I give the fushia less presence, what colour would you recommend to go with it? Your favorite dark grey? BTW, is the new print of your book out yet?

      • Hi Emily really truely don’t change direction if you love that colour its all so personal. I prefer sludgy hues purely because I want a deeply elegant feel – the colours that I use time and time again are down pipe, london clay, railings and blue black all by Farrow & Ball

  3. This post made my day, your comment on the perfect marriage of chocolate brown and teal made me smile as I looked around my sitting room at the chocolate curtains and sofa matched with teal cushions and teal velvet lampshade!

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  7. This is all kind of reminding me of the 70s. Members of the Mod Squad lived here. I can’t wait to see where you put the velour.

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