Christmas is coming

Its late and I am so behind schedule its crazy. Christmas deliveries have started to arrive to the store by the truck load and I am getting excited at the thought of how fabulous in a week or two our store will look all decked out in winter foliage with oodles of t-lights, lanterns, urns, scented candles, beautiful painted cushions, hand thrown bobbly vases and heaps of other stuff. Will start posting sneak peaks as soon as we have unpacked and organised ourselves. In the mean time I leave you with this image (photographed by Polly Eltes) is where I wish I could be at home pottering around baking, sipping coffee you know the thing:

4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. When you are working hard, pottering at home always seems preferable! Looking forward to seeing what you have in stock. Your bulldog lamp was shown in this month’s issue of ‘Real Living’ Australia – in case you’d like to know and didn’t already…

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