Paint it black

A recent trip to Amsterdam inspired me to paint all the exterior woodwork and masonry on my house black. For some strange reason in this country we are not too keen to leap over to the dark side when it comes to the exterior of our buildings and yet I think it looks and feels fantastically chic. New York town houses look super sexy when alt the trim goes dark  it gives one’s pad an instant upgrade from the normal beige haze of graciousness to something very elegant and sophisticated.  Not only that but the contrast between the brick and black trim looks phenomenal. Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes

How beautiful is this – white, cream or any other neutral would look way to wishy washy

If its too much of a leap to go dark outside then how about in – window frames painted out in a deep dark hue look so much more sexy than the lighter options.

5 thoughts on “Paint it black

  1. absoultely love the picture of the dark window frames , yet again u have given me great ideas!! Right just have to convince my man we have to paint window frames black now and I am good to go XXX

  2. Beautiful, both inside and out. I especially like this moody kitchen space. On the outside the black trimmed windows are great, but I love the sky blue house next door, too.

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