Curating collectables

Creating tablescapes (love that word as it reminds me of my days spent living in the US is easy peasy. I’ve just had a quick stroll round my pad and it probably comes as no surprise but not one table is bare, naked or lonely. Some tables are clustered with novels, small posies of flowers etc, others get a little more fanciful an old wooden head for example which sits on my desk sporting a pair of sunglasses.

So lets get down to the essentials: you will need candles, books, flowers, maybe a tray and   for height a lamp, candelabra or the odd sculptural piece.   Fundamentally the plan is to create as many varieties and shapes as possible.Some designers work off a pyramid design i.e. plonking something large at the back and then working forwards and also outwards with smaller pieces. The Americans I must say are very good at clustering lots of little items on super sweet trays – it actually stops a table from feeling too cluttered. Some images to inspire as always:

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

My guy on my desk wearing my favourite sun glasses with a cute little flower near by.

Love love love the magnifying glass on the book adds a great dash of whimsy and  as for  heaps of books on tables -super sweet.

Trays are great on tables if you have a lot of small stuff – can you imagine just how dull things would be if the table were left unadorned.

That’s me done – happy weekend everybody x

5 thoughts on “Curating collectables

  1. They look beautiful! and yes they give so much character and life all these objects on the tables !!!!

    How would you decorate an every day dinner table …. during the day ? Cause the thing is that every evening you need to empty it for the dinner ….. ??? I always thought my table looks so boring during the day …. but never found a solution 😦

    • Well I have a super sized vessel (so vase but could easily be a jug or a pot etc) and I fill it to the brim with faux flowers – big fat blousy blue hydrangea’s looks amazing. Plus a litle cluster of t-lights. Come supper time the flowers move to the counter and the t-lights stay where they are. its as simple as that.x

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