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I don’t know if any of you guys are like me in the patience department or I should say lack of patience department but when I start reworking a room I want to find everything instantly, like in 5 minutes. I want it decorated in 10 minutes and furnished in 5. Take my new bedroom everything has to be purchased from scratch since I had nothing in the old one, rugs, chairs, coffee tables, bed linen, throws, consoles, lamps its an exhaustive list and should be fun except I am on deadline. Flinging the doors of my house open for the new school opening end of April means I can’t very well have a half furnished room, I’ve gotta practice what I preach right? So the pressure is on, last night I flung, literally flung the god dam paint striper at the wall, I had been at my desk since 5.30 (normal start time I hate to say) and at 7 that evening striping decades old paint off of skirting boards caused a bit of a major wobble in this household!

Calm was restored (whisky and pizza basically) and now it’s a new day. All of this got me to thinking what can we do instantly to change our spaces, when I say instantly I mean of course in the space of a few hours. Couple of pretty transformative things, one of which I tried for the new TV show (airing tomorrow night C4 8pm Get Your House in Order). That is painting mouldings onto a room that lacks any sort of architectural detail. Its a fab way to add interest plus if you are in an art rut even better as you don’t really need any art so cool it looks. Second idea paint, if you paint a room, hell even one wall a darker shade  it utterly transforms a space, infact its the most transformative thing you can do to a room.

Easy hey makes me wonder why more people are not doing it, but shall save that campaign for another day I have to reserve all energy for the darn bedroom later today.

See what I  mean, its such a simple idea but so very effective.

Oddly enough I am not a fan of green walls, always have a tendency to want to make them inkier and darker like the colour of stagnant water in an old pond but hey everyone’s tastes are different and this works for sure.

Happy Wednesday


7 thoughts on “Instant updates

  1. Hi Abigail, I’m impressed that you are getting stuck into the rubbish jobs like paint stripping. Are you like me and enjoy doing a lot of the labour yourself or are the builders not talking to you after the debate about how to put up the reclaimed boards?

    Looking forward to your show tomorrow, I shall even be Sky plussing it too x

    • Would prefer to get the builders to do it however I only got them for 10 days and they are not free again for another 3 weeks which is cutting it too close to the masterclasses. Can’t say I enjoy doing it one bit I have to say x

    • Would prefer to get the builders to do it however I only got them for 10 days and they are not free again for another 3 weeks which is cutting it too close to the masterclasses. Hey ho as they say

  2. Hello Abigail,

    In the process of researching about amazing women who are doing great things I have found you and am now a big fan! I would truly love to interview you for FemmeList. I have tried contacting you but I am not sure if I have the right email address…

  3. I love your designs! Before coming onto your bloggy bit I read an article about how the debut ‘get your house in order’ was a designer travesty no less!! Then I read the article properly and came to the conclusion the designer who wrote is was from the bland and boring brigade!! Your designs are cutting edge injected with passion and uniqueness so thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to finding out more about you and your designs

    • Thank you, when you take risks with design you get moaned at sometimes, a la said journalist. I tend to ignore, its so hard to be surprised anymore with interiors especially those on a really tight budget as per the show. So what I set out to do is take risks, the more you push the envelope the more the conservative amongst us moan and groan. Thats life!

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