Oh my goodness Australia I am blown away, totally blown away by the responses to the master classes.  Our system literally went into melt down I have never seen such an incredible response and am so touched, flattered, delighted and so much more. Cannot wait to get over, wish October was next week (even though that would mean skipping summer this side of the world and going straight into winter I actually don’t care, lets do it)!

Today I thought we might yabber about dining rooms. Whether they are situated in stand alone rooms or are in a more open plan configuration like mine the important thing to me is that they feel as fabulous and integrated as say your living rooms. I tend to feel that they often get a little bit neglected particularly if they are only used for entertaining, I guess that’s because we use the space less and are therefore a little less critical about it being squishy, comfy and layered. Recently I went to someone’s house who has two spaces for eating, in the kitchen and a stand alone dining space both beautiful but the kitchen space was full of life, soul, stuff, the dining space beautiful but lacking. Part of it came down to the styling – and obviously style is utterly personal but I tend to go for dining chairs that shout ‘relax’ rather than the more formal varieties.  I also tend to mix my chairs up it lightens the mood I find. Talking of styling you need layers, layers add intrigue, whether that is rugs on the floor, shelves housing art, blooms, lamps, just stuff. The colour palette (how could I forget that) is super important. Do you want edgy, sophisticated, and cocooning like me, do you want bright and invigorating or pale and neutral?  Choice is yours; no one scheme is better than the other (it is but I am feeling kind today) t get that right and everything else will fall into place.

My pad below, the dining room which isn’t a room it’s an area in the open plan basement and a nearby shelf (an Ikea one at that) housing a few things I love. Photography by the very fabulous Rebecca Reid.

Happy weekend I should be working (have sooo much to get done) but blow that i’m  going to Top Shop and Selfridges, need clothes for Australia.  Yes yes I know its not until October have already heard that argument from somebody else this morning, but you know what I don’t care!



13 thoughts on “OMG

  1. Hi Abigail, absolute love your style and your blog!
    Have gently hinted that the best ever birthday gift is a voucher for one of your London master classes, I’ll find out of if it paid off in a week or so….
    Anyway, am in the process of decorating our hallway from plain white to fab dark grey – first coat only but already get a total buzz from looking at it each time I step in 🙂
    Quick practical question: what paint do you use on the radiators? Can i use the paint i use for the walls on them or is it possible to get radiator paint specifically mixed in the correct shade?
    Happy shopping!

    • I paint the rads in eggshell – I run this via Farrow and Ball before doing it years OK and they said its perfectly fine, you can also get rad paint but sometimes paint companies don’t always do it so matching is a nightmare

  2. Love the dining room, looks so cozy.
    Abigail, our dining room is only occasionally used (we have a table in our kitchen too) and we have a large table and a window seat, but no shelves. Could the table be a suitable place for various things (like your shelf), or would that be a bit ridiculous. Currently, it just has a few old brass candlesticks on it?

    • Hi Louise its probably the early ness of the hour so forgive me for not understanding completely. Do you mean adding the shelf (similar to mine) for your walls or putting stuff on your table as you would a shelf?

      • Oh sorry, I’ve just re-read and it’s not clear is it?! yes I meant putting stuff on the table as you would a shelf, thanks

  3. We have beautiful clothes here…. So don’t buy too much!

    Just booked into your melb workshop…I am counting down the days. Tres excited!!

    Question for you: can you one day on your blog do a segment on the placement of rugs and furniture, please?

    My rug is a tad too small and I can’t fit all the furniture on it (2 1/2 seater and 3 single armchairs) to ‘anchor’the pieces… And the space is too tight to fit an additional rug/ hide overlapping the current rug. So, do you leave the just the front legs on the rugs…or what?

    I can’t wait until oct to ask the question!


    • My rug is too small too so I yes I don’t have any probs with having front legs on top – all those rules about everything having to be on it or off it I say ignore

  4. Okay Abigail while you are planning to travel to Australia what about a quick pitstop in Cape Town( design capital of the world for 2014!) Johannesburg ( the best urban energy in Africa) and present one of your classes here! It is soooo beautiful, we have awesome designers both interior and clothing and the food is amazing we also have fantastic Bikram yoga classes. Please come! How many students do you require to fill a class?.

    • Would love a pitstop in Cape Town have never been and here its amazing. Regrettably though its my scheudule but would certainly love to get over at some point.

  5. Dear Abigail,

    I am so there for your Sydney masterclass as it was your pad which first made my heart skip a beat and start me on the road to developing interior-itis. Will there be any chance you will be able to make your wares available for sale so that we Aussies can take something a bit quirky home?


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