Crossing over to the dark side

Morning, I was reading Architectural Digest in the middle of the night (couldn’t sleep so was sure it would send me off instantly since the interiors are so uptight and dull) when in fact it did the opposite. Most of the interiors are dull and boring and co-ordinated and uptight and so just so, BUT one stood out.  Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan’s new summer pad (which I previewed a little while back) was a breath of fresh air. Simon actually made my laugh out loud in the article as they decided to paint the outside of the building black (yay hay to that) which apparently got the whole island talking, with one neighbour likening the result to Darth Vader’s coffin!

Its funny the effect black has on people, its such a phenomenal life changing colour (once you’ve converted there is no going back) but when you suggest it to people there are often sharp intakes of breath and comments like ‘wouldn’t it feel too depressing’ or even worse  ‘gothic’. I have to take alot of medication when the gothic word comes up (hence the whisky in the handbag) medicinal you know! Jonathan and Simon spent time in Japan and saw how beautiful charcoal coloured structures looked melding seamlessly with nature. For me it was the trip to Amsterdam and the continual trips to NYC that inspired me to paint the outside black.

Now I’m not suggesting you all paint your exteriors black (amazing if you did) rather I am suggesting (and its only a suggestion) to experiment with pushing boundaries. Paint something dark, an alcove, a door, a room something and see how transformative it is. It makes you happier and skinner (bit like wearing dark clothes). Talking of skinner off to pound the streets, have ditched yoga this week haven’t got the energy to spend god knows how many minutes going into some stretch or other. Run full pelt, get sweaty, shower, coffee, eggs, morning sorted!


18 thoughts on “Crossing over to the dark side

  1. couldnt agree more! – when I decided to paint a very large wall black (some 5 years ago) all my relatives and friends sad it would be dark, claustrophobic, I would “spoil the space” and the decorator was delighted because he said he would get two jobs, one to paint it dark and another to paint it light again. They all ate their words when the saw the result. I think the decorator was disappointed tho!!

    PS. would you blog one day about individualism and how it relates to the difference between a place looking funky, eclectic and interesting as opposed to gimmicky. I love the former and hate the latter, and yet so often I have had to take stuff away because I hadnt imagined it would “cross the line”. Whaddaya think?

  2. Oh how I concur…yey for BLACK! I have painted a section of the double height walls in our open plan, old lace mill apartment this noble shade…do not be afraid people, MAGIC happens! Loving the wall hanging in the centre pic of this mornings post, takes that 70’s macramé to a whole new level. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. You might be surprised when you come to Melbourne how much black is second nature to us! Certainly in fashion anyway – but now creeping into our interiors! Looking forward to meeting you in October when you can influence us with you “Dark” ways…. Thanks in advance for visiting down under!

  4. my kitchen is in a large alcove (i live in a loft in NYC) and i suddenly want to paint it black. BUT what do i do about the edge between the alcove and the rest of the space? can i have corners where one side is black and the other is white? won’t that look like a mess?

  5. Had a debate with the other half when shopping for baby presents for friends when I said that I definately want to paint our nursery black when we need one ( we are not even planning on kids anytime soon! ) Love the idea of a black nusery with neon pink cot regardless if it is boy or girl! lol

  6. Oh I love those yellow lights over the dining room table. Do you know what material they are made from? They look expensive. I wonder if I could make them myself somehow. I’m on a very tight budget.

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