Bathroom before and after

I want to show you something that Kate Challis, (a designer, blogger, and all round super women) sent me recently. Kate as I just mentioned lives in Melbourne but also happened to fly over here to one of my London classes and also recently attended my class at the Supper Club in Melbourne. Be prepared to have your socks knocked off when I show you these images because what Kate has done to her bathroom totally and utterly takes your breath away!  Bathrooms, as I bang on about quite often in class tend to be quite neglected, we treat them a little austerely in my opinion and rarely soften with stuff that we would have say in our living rooms.

Well not Kate, she has used the most beautiful wallpaper to elevate her bathroom to a whole other level. Its glamorous, its boudoir like, its feels like you would want to hang out here all day. I’m inspired, infact I need to get my act together and work on my bathroom as now it’s the most neglected room in the house. Wallpaper like changing up your paint colour is one of the most transformative things you can do

Thank you Kate truly inspirational  nothing makes me happier then seeing images of before and afters particularly when they are on the darker side.

Kate’s bathroom before:




The wallpaper is Porter’s Lace in Aniseed by Catherine Martin (production designer for all of Baz Luhrman’s films). A mazing!


27 thoughts on “Bathroom before and after

  1. Stunning!!! And the incredible thing is it looks like the wallpaper was the only change she made. Amazing transformation! Now I’m off to check out her site..

  2. i love kate’s bathroom too… she paid a lot of attention to detail… even the taps are beautiful! and kate wrote the best review on your masterclass i have read to date… as for catherine martin & baz luhrmann, they’re on my style loving list (my dream job when i get back home would be to work with that husband & wife duo, somehow, anyhow… a girl can dream big!)

  3. The bathroom is fantasic but does anyone know how she has managed to have no tiling? (there is none above the sink) As i would love a tile free bathroom.
    Abigail, i have been lusting after the coving in your front room for sometime. Can you direct me to somewhere where i can buy the same or similar?

    Thanking You.


    • The coving come with the house but there are all sorts of plaster places if you google that will replicate anything you so need. Hope that helps, normally I would research for you but its school day today and a crazy busy one.

    • Jeff, I coated the wallpaper with a matt vanish. It didn’t change the look or texture of the paper at all, but protects it in wet/moist areas. I have a three year old who liberally splashes water around the sink and the wallpaper is absolutely fine. I do have tiles around my shower/bath – that can’t be avoided. I probably would have done it differently had the wallpaper came first, but I wanted to dramatically change the look of the room without the expense of replacing the loo, sink, shower, etc You can see the complete bathroom here
      Hope that helps.

  4. Thank you Abi and Tracy and Susan. I am thrilled that you like it as much as I do! I smile whenever I go into the bathroom. Tracy, yes it was just wallpaper and a chandelier (found one made out of crystal ca. 1900 at a local antique shop) – and the entire room was transformed. I had actually painted it dark the month before and it didn’t work. I realised that it really needed loads of layering! A bathroom has loads of functional things which I couldn’t get rid of without huge expense. I had very limited space to play with, as well as an active toddler who loves nothing more than removing stuff and hiding it – I knew that layering in the bathroom wasn’t really going to happen. So wallpaper was the answer – it created instant atmosphere, depth and interest without cluttering the space. Of course, I couldn’t resist a bit of layering: an art deco drinks trolley (found on eBay) placed in front of a huge industrial mirror with vases full of fakes from Abigail’s shop and other stuff.

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  6. Dear Abigail,

    Whilst on the topic of bathrooms I wonder if you might share how you use the Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri in your home? Based on your enticing description of the scent I have decided to invest in some. Do you think I will need a diffuser or can I put it in something else.

    Thank you for providing such generosity and inspiration to me!


    • Easy peasy decant into little t-light holders and put all over the house. Occassionally month on month fluff up with fingers it lasts about 9 months and I’m obsessed with it, so that bag you buy of it will last for ages

  7. Hi Abigail just wondering where you can purchase the wallpaper from in the uk would love that in my hallway I had a look on the website but would only deliver in Australia

  8. Absolutely stunning! I spend enough time getting ready in the mornings, but I would never be out of the bathroom if it was as lovely as this! I think I might need to get my niece to send over some of that paper from Australia.

    Love your blog – so much inspiration!

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