5 steps for creating a fabulous home office

Morning, I’ve spoken before about the importance of creating a home office to die for, that’s cosy, tantalising and that inspires productivity, creativity and anything else you so wish.  I’ve broken it down into steps to make it easier so you can dip into or out of as you wish. The steps aren’t rules (there are no rules when it comes to design) so tweak and improvise as much as you wish.

So in no particular order:

Step number one is a practical point, I am so not a practical designer but this is pretty fundamental. Move your home office into an area away from noise, kitchen noise, and more importantly TV noise. You don’t need to dedicate a whole room to a home office in NYC I’ve seen some beautiful home offices in hallways, passageways even alcoves. I’ve seen bedside tables that double duty as home offices, hell I’ve even seen home offices crafted from an impromptu table sitting on a landing. The important factor is not to have a load of distracting noise going on or at least as little as possible.

Step two, ramp up you’re lighting, you might think you have enough but believe me you haven’t. Now you’ve all seen my studio a thousand times I am sure but I’ve recently created another desk space in the adjoining room and upped the anty with the lighting. An angle poise gives me perfect task lighting for typing, reading etc. and a super sized table lamp adds a decorative note. Go round the room and you will find seven other lights (yikes)!

Step three; add flowers or plants they immediately soften the space give it personality and break up the corporate feel. I’ve got white faux blossom on my new desk, take it away and it just doesn’t have the same impact. I’ve also got a posy of fresh flowers from Columbia Road on the desk this week purple and pink hydrangeas, next week who knows, herbs, eucalptus some lovely scented foliage it really doesn’t matter.

Step four, move away if you can from buying office furniture particularly the desk since it takes up the most room and sets the tone. I’ve got an old zinc thing from Petersham which I adore, you don’t have to go vintage you just ideally need to source something that doesn’t look too corporate. If you have a corporate looking desk then acessorize the bejesus out of it.

Step five, accessorize. Prop pictures and paintings against the desk, skim the floor with a rug, heap a pile of books on the table, add a scented candle. Easy no?

My new space below, (don’t look at the wiring we haven’t wired it all up yet, its me being impatient and wanting all lights on asap so extension leads, tons of wire all sorted by my DIY guru this weekend). So the trouble I now have with with creating this second zone is the internal battle each and every day –  which desk to sit at, it’s a conundrum!

Oh I forgot one more step making it 6 – ditch the beige haze paint colour, go dark, cross over to the dark side its way, promise way more fun this side and pretty darn life changing!


14 thoughts on “5 steps for creating a fabulous home office

  1. HI Abigail, your new space is absolutely beautiful. This post has come at a great time for me as one of the next tasks is to decorate the our home office upstairs (I wish we could post photos on your blog).

    I’m arguing with my bf atm as I really want him to build me the blue desk from post last month – Razzle Dazzle but it’s too out there for him. He wants boring white. I’m not going to give in on this one!

    I will keep you posted 🙂

    • Keep me posted indeed, some times boys are a bit reticent to change, but from experience once its done they love. Good luck

  2. I love all your suggestions except the dark paint. My last home office in the den (away from the living room TV) was a cordovan womb. I loved it at night with all its pools of warm light, but during the day I hated being in that room….I felt liek I was in a cave, even though it had windows facing east and west. I kept taking my checkbook outdoors to pay bills. I moved everything to a much brighter room with white walls since I mostly do paperwork during the day and save the den for cosy reading and conversation.

    • Thats the thing about colour its so very personal, put my studio in white room and I wouldn’t be able to work – so what works for some doesn’t work for others thats what makes design so compelling hey!

  3. I love these suggestions, especially the plants / flowers. I think they bring so much life to a room. I adore that orange task lamp you have there!

  4. I really like the advice on placement of the office as well as selecting a non-corporate desk. However I’ve done exactly that (sorry), and to top it off I have an iMac – so it’s very masculine and conservative. My plan, though, is to wallmount the computer and create a collage of images around it and perhaps add some soft wallpaper to even out the conservative style I currently have. I don’t think that I’ll “acessorize the bejesus out of it” as I like lots of space when I work, but perhaps some flowers would work wonders!

    Thank you so much for the advice 🙂

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  7. This is a great post – and I expanded on the lighting part for my place of work: http://bit.ly/S40dM7. I’m in the middle of finding a new place at the moment, so will be taking your advice into account when it comes to the office!

  8. I totally agree about the desk part. Official looking and cold desk is not very good for a home office. Something more cozy and natural creates a much better vibe. Of course the Eames dsw and dsr chairs will always work great in a home office.

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