Patience is a virtue

Morning, an early one for me as I’m off to the store to check on a few last tweaks. Talking of the store the biggest, hugest thank you for all your kind words about the revamp. The feedback has been overwhelming and makes everything so worthwhile, cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

Designing a space is an organic process I find, you can plot, draw out and plan to the tiniest degree but when the time actually comes for the install things always change. The exact same thing happened in the store last week, the flower shop was in the first half of the space, and we spent hours sorting it all out HOURS. Then I stood back and thought nope, hate hate hate it. So down it all came and now it’s positioned in the back of the store and I love it. That’s the thing with design just when you think you’ve got it nailed, and you’ve got like a hundred million years of experience behind you, wham bam it slaps you across the face and makes you re evaluate. It keeps me on my toes and never ever allows me for one second to get bored.

So the point of today’s post is that if something isn’t working out initially,  lets say the paint colour looks flat, or the furniture isn’t quite right or that picture on the wall looks lost, rather than starting again take a step back and think what can you do to improve it as opposed to paint it out a paler hue, or get rid of something.  Do you simply need to prop the painting up against a console rather than putting straight on a wall, or do you need to add more lighting to enliven the paint colour that kind thing. Maybe sling a throw or angle the furniture.  Something simple as turning one of my chairs into my fireplace as opposed to out towards the door revolutionised my studio I kid you not. Some rooms work initially and some don’t. Just don’t let it put you off.

Take my bedroom this half of the bedroom I love:

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

This half of the bedroom I hate.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Its lacking in something and its just not good enought! Although I haven’t found a replacement chair, a mirror above the mantle (that all takes time) its all on my to do list. Over Christmas I brought the amazing linen bedding that Merci in Paris sell except as soon as I put it on the bed it zapped the room of energy and now I have to decide bedding stays or rug gets re-located.  Decisions, decisions – I think the rug will get relocated to the school room but then I need to find another darn rug for the bedroom, on and on we go, it never ever ends!

Patience is a virtue something I lack, big time, particularly when you embrace eclectic decorating, it’s the hardest look in the world to pull off!

Talking of the school by the way,  a whole bunch of new dates on classes goes live tomorrow morning on our new website! Yippee yay






23 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue

    • Tried that, I think the chair needs to go regrettably it to much brown going on I think which is sort of draining

  1. The shop looks amazing and sent at such a good time to give me inspiration. We have signed the lease of our shop and not have the keys. Now the hard bit, picking the stock which I’m finding so hard, why is it so much easier picking stuff for other people!!

    • Congrats with your new store, exciting days ahead. Know what you mean about picking products its a tough one, but if you buy what you love you won’t go wrong I reckon x

  2. You’ve reworked the shop space beautifully (I had to study the pictures closely to work out what was where) and I’m excited to spot the Cole & Son Malachite wallpaper I put you onto. I had input!!! :-))

  3. I love your posts. They make me laugh and reassure me at the same time. I have one half of my bedroom I LOVE, the same view as yours incidentally, and the other half I loathe. People think I’m crazy but to me the room’s only half done and I won’t be happy till it’s right. I discovered your shop/blog last autumn and am now completely addicted, have changed tons in my flat, and converted from white which I literally can’t look at any more..

    • Congrats on converting from the white side, isn;t life more fun when you go dark! Also thank you for your kind words

  4. question for you, on the topic of the merci bed linen if you don’t mind… i’m looking for some lovely linen bedding that drapes down the sides of the beds… you know, the oversized ethereal variety! is the merci linen generously proportioned? also, i’m seeing one of those beautiful old french chaise longues in that corner of your room… the leather & velvet variety (more brown though) 🙂

    • The bed linen is incredibly generous, infact the king size I brought was way to big and had to be returned for the Queen so yes it does indeed drape down. In the corner of the room no chaise just a beaten up leather chair x

  5. Abigail what about a larger piece of art above the mantel? I have a really large blank wall in my sitting room and can’t face doing another gallery wall so have decided to make up a large stretched canvas painted in a neon pink and have something either funny, obscure or a favourite quote written on it!

    • Good plan although I’m thinking of a mirror, some new ones have come into the store and it just might reflect the chandelier x

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