Colours of Spring

Two posts from me this morning, at midday our new website goes live so shall be back with some peaks and will post a link. We have gone through a bit of a re-branding exercise and have dropped the word Atelier so from next week when you click on the old site it will be re-directed to the new site, this week it won’t.  Since you guys are like my best buddies and I can’t wait until next week when everything is official, you can view it live from midday. Its caused a few heated discussions in team Ahern, certain people thinking I should wait until everything is linked together, but hell with that, who can wait till next week, its like years away. Plus I love the new site and I want to show you guys, DOUBLE PLUS I’m the boss, so there, discussion over right?

Down to business. I talk about colour a lot, it seems particularly apt at the moment with the last few days being sunny and dare I say a tad warm. Spring is around the corner; things in the garden are starting to bud and the birds (even at this hour are singing full throttle). Love it! Now if we were following convention (thank God we are not) I would be yabbering on about pastel hues, as soon as spring arrives out they come from the dreary back cupboard. Put me near a pastel and I swear I have an allergic reaction, itchy, twitchy, followed by a strong bout of depression, cannot stand them. Put me near some electrifying oddball type hue like yellow, burnt orange, red and suddenly I’m skipping and singing like the birds. Colour is the most transformative thing you can do to any room, and its effect on each and every one of us is personal. I like yellow, you might like pale blue and that’s all fine, except we must never ever meet it would be a disaster!

From experience the more namby pamby you are with you colour choices, (i.e. wishy washy pastel type hues) the more namby pamby your scheme. With all my years in the business, it’s the most tantalising interiors that stand out. I’m going to compare it to food, Heston Blumenthal’s food stands out and he pushes convention, dares to be different and takes you on a journey you never thought possible. I had the enormous pleasure of working on one of Heston’s programmes last year and he blew me away. Passionate, energised and totally at the forefront of his game – and that comes across with his food. It raises your spirits, makes you happy and not only that you start to look at life slightly differently. To deep? Stay with me a second.

My point, you’ve got to push it when it comes to design, not to be gimmicky or on trend but in order to take your scheme to a whole other level. Pastels, well may I suggest you ditch them, go oddball, be daring even if its the smallest thing in a offbeat hue, and watch just how transformative it is. Once you’ve crossed over there is no, repeat no going back!

orangeSee what I am talking about, by going slightly off radar with colour.

Also you don’t have to have a dark interior like me to make it work, check out Jenna Lyon’s office at J C Crew. The red desk elevates the office, not to mention the splash of yellow in the corner. Even a vase, a throw, the odd painting, you don’t necessarily need to go down a furniture route, will elevate, up lift, pack a visual punch!

redSee you later.


26 thoughts on “Colours of Spring

  1. Good morning Abigail, I have just checked out your new website …… loving it! really beautiful and user friendly. I’m setting up “slowly” my own e design over this side of the pond and i’ve been doing my homework checking out how other companies are doing them and your approach is the best i’ve seen and the most tantalizing. Pictures are all beautiful, awaiting flowers …. patience is a virtue … so i heard! dimensions are not mentioned for the mirrors but I suspect those are the bits that your team mean’t! you have been working sooooo hard this last week as if the shop fitting wasn’t enough. Well done!

  2. Wow. Your post today really packs a punch. Spring is here, the shop is refreshed and restocked, the website renewed and rebranded – you’re oozing joie de vivre! I love how your posts connect with us – we are your buddies for sure 🙂

    And you’re speaking to me again (orange iPad case currently propped up against half painted London Clay office wall for colour combo consideration….)

    Here’s to the new improved everything Abigail – onwards and upwards!

  3. So exciting about your website, can’t wait to see it. I have to say doing the website is one of the most tedious jobs, hate it, except the bit when it goes live!! Your post made me LOL this morning thank you as a bit over worked this week and need perking up. And in Jenna Lyons office for me it’s the dark windows which I love, just done this in an office (it took a bit of persuading) but it totally transforms the windows, oh and it was railings by the way!
    Thanks for your comment yesterday about the shop, great advice as sometimes you can get lost in thinking what other people want to buy! so I will stick to what I love!! It’s all a bit scary now!
    Have a great day x

    • Thanks David, couldn’t agree more about the windows and yes it will feel scary but as someone once said to me as least you feel alive!

  4. Hi, I’m having colour issues. i want to move into darker richer colours but the things that stop me are 1) Fear 2) i have oak wooden floors which are not paintable (but black painted stairs in the hall) and 3) i like different colours for different rooms but feel that there will be no continunity throughout the flat (including the hallway) which is why nothing has been started apart from a few walls with sploges of paint. Any suggestions?

    • Many suggestions. Firstly don’t be fearful its only paint, and its the easiest more transformative thing you can do. Secondly don’t worry about rooms being different colours – if you go for a similar palette it really doesn’t matter which (so for me its greys, blacks, browns, olives) just make sure that they work together so when you walk from room to room they will feel slightly different but also connected. The way to do this is to make sure the paint colours all have a similar tonality and then it will look beautiful. Hope that makes sense

  5. Love the website – nice choice of Shopify theme (although we’re biased, we have the same one!) Great customisation available and their customer service is second to none, highly recommended if anyone here’s starting up online.
    P.s. They don’t pay us commission! ;o)

  6. Agreed, this is the problem I have in my lounge, I went from a lovely bright green to white and the whole room went flat, I removed a lot of my bits and bobs and the whole room fell flat… it’s been about six months and no matter what I do its still flat, I love Jenny Lewons office its zingy which is what I want for my lounge!
    Thanks Abigail,

  7. Hey abigail, love the new website! SO pleased its done I used to get lost on the last one 😉
    Got a large pot of railings waiting for me in my front room… Now just need to find the time to paint it! Love Ali

  8. Hi Abi, Love the new website look and can’t wait for the new faux flower bouquets. I love flowers in a home but can’t be bothered traipsing from room to room refreshing the wilted bunches — this is perfect. I’ve told hubby not to bother with real flowers for me anymore. You have the best faux flowers – well done to Gem too. best, shobha

    • Have also told G the same thing (no more garage flowers for moi I can tell you). Flower pics look fab, hopefully will be online sometime today

  9. Hi Abigail,

    congratulations on your wonderful website. I notice there are concrete flooring in one image. is any particular finish done on that concrete? it looks beautiful. thanks!

    • Thank you. Regarding the concrete its just standard with a concrete sealer over it, its been down over 12 years so has mellowed and softened with age.

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  12. Hi Abigail
    I am just in the process of fitting out our new deli café in Brighton and I am searching desperately for an ‘elephant’ colour for the walls. The colour shown in the first pic with the orange accessories and furniture is just the colour I’m looking for – I don’t suppose you know who it’s by?

    Love your blog, and your look!

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