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Design School day today – hours of yabbering about design, wandering the house, eating yummy food and drinking lots of coffee. Love it! The only slight spanner in the works is the bedroom and general mess it has caused the rest of the house, rugs and chairs that once worked no longer do, flowers and art that looked cool in one corner look rubbish in the new section but I’m happy. My new scheme is working can’t show you just yet because its not finished but its going to look super cool I believe, and for the first time I am happy with the fireplace not being there because it feels snug, cosy and somewhere I want to spend hours in. Not that I can, you don’t get anywhere by lazing around right!

Before I forget I have been putting together some fun boards on pinterest if you fancy taking a look.  I am actually collaborating with them on something fun, more on that in a few weeks. Also we’ve changed the front page of our website – hope you like, every month or so from now on there will be a new front page with new features which I am rather excited about.


AND guess what finally coming in May ‘ a dare to go dark’ section so you guys (and me of course) can all post images of our dark interiors and comment, interact and inspire the rest of the world to convert across to the dark side. Last bit of news  – I have been very behind schedule with Open Call whereby I will be showcasing work by designers and artisans from around the world across my social media channels. I apologise we got way more entries than I thought possible and we’ve come to the point where we need more staff. The business is expanding as such a rate that we are all a little snowed under so we will be advertising shortly for staff to help out with the general store stuff, stuff for me, stuff for G, maybe even the two M’s – on a part time basis. A capsule collection of the coolest work will up on Monday and remember it runs every few weeks so you can submit whenever. I have (am totally amazed to say and a little overwhelmed if I am honest) the hughest national and international following on the blog from everyone; people interested in design, actors, politicians, editors you name it so hoping it will open up all sorts of channels for anyone showcased.

Right then a little trick that might help you out if A you are living in a small space or B you want your interior to look way cooler! Angel Dormer who has the most amazing apartment in NYC (as seen in my latest book Decorating with Style) had the genius idea of taking art right up to the ceiling. Not only does this give the space a unique vibe it totally elongates the walls, its like they have just gained a couple of extra feet. You will need to paint the ceiling out the same colour as the walls mind for this to work – but its simple, effective total genius trick.

Photograpy Graham Atkins Hughes

Photograpy Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Have a lovely weekend, I’ve got to get my skates on, the two M’s need walking and the house needs cleaning x





8 thoughts on “Newsy stuff

  1. Love love love! your blog, own A Girl’s Guide to Decorating… am very keen for Decorating with Style to come out in Canada–When will that be???

    • Thank you, not sure if the book is being published in Canada as yet, we do send out all over the world if that helps

  2. Popped in to the shop today to see the gorgeous new flowers and buy your new book. Delighted to find that you have the very lovely Craig working there. Thoroughly enjoyed the book!

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