Dipping into my little black book

Why is shopping for art so intimidating? Something to do possibly with entering a gallery with no one in and feeling a little self-conscious. Well these days it never got easier, particularly as there are so many fab online sources out there so I’m dipping into my little black book to offer you up some of my sources some of which I’ve spoken of before others are new finds.  Plus   some  tips and tricks to up your confidence levels when purchasing.

The best piece of advice I can give before we go any further is only buy what you love. Yes you can buy art as an investment but unless you’ve got bundles of cash it makes much more sense to buy art you resonate with on an emotional level because that way you will want to keep it forever and build up your collection.

If you’re buying prints if you can possibly afford to stretch the bucks slightly opt for limited editions because they will go up in value. HOWEVER the price won’t increase on the artwork until the artist has sold the whole edition so steer away from large editions, no point paying more for an edition of 3000 which takes 20 odd years to sell. Check out artforsale.co.uk, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a super cool print that will go up in value and add oodles of personality to your walls.

Consider buying students work you can find some incredible pieces out there by going to end of year shows or checking out this website which showcases the work of British art school grads, www.newboodart.com.

Fairs are great like the Affordable Art Fair and the Brightonartfair.co.uk because you get a huge variety of works in one hit. It can feel a little overwhelming so it’s best to go with a budget in mind.

Auction houses are fabulous, Criterion Auction House on Essex Road have sales every Monday and I’ve brought the biggest canvases for £80. The trick bid low show little interest and at the last minute nail it. Lots of people go to auctions for furniture but the art like the rugs gets forgotten.

Couple more sources for you to check out before I go

www.saatchistore.com (amazing collection, and don’t be thinking its a fortune you can find some fabulous work here at really affordable prices) and finally www.gettyimagesgallery.com. Getty is one of the worlds greatest photographic libraries you will have on your hands the biggest choice of photographs

artBefore I go I have a dilemma. G and I have worked solidly for the last 13 days without a break, so we are pretty done in. I fancy going to Paris for the weekend, Paris being a good city to raise the spirits and spend the weekend pottering about. Except as we have the 2 M’s we can’t just jump on the Eurostar because they don’t take dogs (idiots) so we have to drive. Hence the dilemma. G isn’t keen to spend 4 and a bit hours driving when he is exhausted (even though we would be sharing the driving) I however am itchy to get out of town for just one night!  Plus as we are only potentially going for one eve we’ll have to cram a ton in, left bank, right bank, Merci, flea market etc. etc. etc. So he is thinking it won’t actually be a strolling hand in hand along the Seine type weekend. More like a running around like a blue assed fly kind of weekend (what’s wrong with that I ask)? Plus Maud sits down a lot when she walks on pavements because they bore her and I then end up carrying her which then causes Mungo to jump up and try and get in my arms also – its not exactly relaxing. Actually now I am even putting myself off the whole idea!  Late for a meeting so we can’t revisit the Paris dilemma until much later this eve when I might try over a glass of wine to convince him.  Sometimes I think doing the odd unpredictable thing makes you feel more alive, if everything were so considered how dull would that be? and its not like I’ve suggest suddenly relocating (although don’t tell that is in my head also)!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, Paris or no Paris have a lovely one x


17 thoughts on “Dipping into my little black book

  1. As I sit here in North Carolina with no lovely big city even remotely within a 4 or 5 hour drive, I can only dream about getting to Paris for the weekend. I say, get in the car and go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. too late for this weekend but The Rectory in Wiltshire has been recommended to me as a foodie and dog-friendly establishment, The Pig in Brockenhurst has one dog-friendly room (but you would have to book in advance), there are several new Pigs in the pipeline and Lime Wood (sister to The Pig) is also dog-friendly i believe!

  3. Mon Cheri Paris all the way Abigail. My goodness if it were only 4 hours away in Australia I would be there all the time !! The best city ever, and yes life is too short to sit idly. Embracing all it’s craziness and goodness is wonderful for the soul .

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