Pallet Bed Frames

Guest rooms are a bit of a pain in the ass if you ask me. Selfishly I don’t want to spend too much money on them since I’ll never go in. Maybe to dust but never to hang out there are too many other cool rooms for that.  I’ve neglected mine big time infact there is no guest bed, stay here and you’ll have to pitch up on the sofa and then the two M’s will be all over you the whole night so maybe its better if you stay at the Hoxton, or the Ace when it opens which I cannot wait for! I digress I have been putting off figuring out the guest bed for ages. I want it to look stylish, feel hip, but at the same time not so stylish and hip that guests might overstay. Does that sound terrible? No need to answer I reckon it does!

I came across this palette bed which I thought could possibly work. My thinking being I could save money on the bed frame but spend on the linen – I guess it should be the other way right but you’re talking to a girl who spent the only money over from the build here on a concrete chair instead of a 3 piece sofa concoction. For one year (as I sort of blew the budget) one chair to sit on crafted from concrete. Nice!

Here’s the bed, cool no, doubly so as its going under the How To section here on the blog!


8 thoughts on “Pallet Bed Frames

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  2. Love the idea. We use a Japanese roll-up bed (the type people in very small Tokyo apartments use) for guests. It’s functional but — as you say — not so comfy they want to stay forever.

  3. Um, aren’t pallets made of cheap wood with all sorts of chemical nasties? They’re not really meant to be too close to people (or chewy dogs…)

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