Making a blind look a million bucks

For today’s DIY section I thought I might feature one of the projects from my latest book. Turning a boring old blind into something amazing. All you need is a length of wallpaper to turn a boring as anything roller blind into something spectacular. You can showcase a vintage printed-paper, a hand blocked paper my only advice would be as you are only using the smallest remnant use something special.

Hand blocked, or vintage papers have a depth to them that you just don’t get when you buy off the shelf.

Start with making sure that the papers thickness is similar to that of the blind, then cut it to fit, making sure of course that you have layed the blind on a flat surface.

Glue paper to blind – you might need to use an adhesive or your paper may even come pre glued the trick is to work from one end to the other. Smooth away any bubbles let it dry and hang.




Talking of my book-Decorating with Style the biggest thank you to everyone who has brought a copy, its being reprinted as we speak as in its first few months of life its zoomed off the shelves in oodles of different countries around the world.

Thank you so much guys xx

15 thoughts on “Making a blind look a million bucks

  1. Loving your blind & that’s from someone who does’nt normally do blinds…being a shutter girl….but you have totally changed my view Abby, the whole vintage & personal touch is great & it looks awesome in your bedroom.

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  3. Stumbled onto your site today and am totally hooked. I’ve been racking my brain on how to upgrade a boring blind I bought years ago for the living room and you’ve just given me a brilliantly simple solution! BTW I’m equally excited about upgrading my clinical looking bathroom tiles with tattoo tiles. No idea they existed until this morning! Thanks so much for both tips!
    Love the crocheted (?) bedspread. Handmade?

  4. If you hung this blind the other way round you wouldn’t see the plain back of the blind at the top – so that it rolled over the front and not under the back. There is a trend to put a pelmet on the top of roller blinds to hide the ugly tops. Great pattern!

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