Cool storage ideas

A little later than usual this morning, apologises had a disturbed night – 2 guys on bikes tried to kick the front door down at 2am in the morning. Woke to lots of thuds (luckily it was bolted) so they couldn’t get in but the nerve of it!  Same thing happened two years ago when I got back in the early hours after filming and forget to bolt the door and they got in and grabbed my bag with everything in. Since the police told me this kind of crime is on the rise since so many people leave stuff in the hall I’ve bolted and removed anything valuable from the area.

Anyways lets talk about nice things. More thank yous from me for all your art suggestions, I haven’t published all of your suggestions as I plan to go through them all today and then I will. Very grateful thank you guys.

Whether you have a big space or teeny tiny space storage is always an issue. I for one don’t have enough of it- not being the most practical designer on earth I remember vehemently saying no to endless cupboards, boring snoring! The trouble with shoving everything behind closed doors is that it takes the room (in my humble opinion anyways) down a notch. So I do open plan storage a lot, am forever on the hunt for dressers old and new to put stuff in. Or oodles of shelves believe me you don’t have to have the coolest collection of say crockery or home made granola in jars to pull it off. I’ve got a heap of apple crates in the kitchen housing recipe books, the 2 M’s food and storage jars simple as that.

Some images below to illustrate my point:

Storage in my pad – cheap as chips apple crates which houses everything and anything.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Storage in my sisters pad – shelves painted the same colour as the walls-  its one of our biggest decorating tricks. It elevates everything on it making it look and feel way more expensive than it really is!.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Some neat little storage ideas I found over on Pop Sugar – tables with secret hidden storage, a super cool bike hook, wine storage and some snazzy hooks. See you don’t have to have everything behind closed doors after all!





11 thoughts on “Cool storage ideas

  1. You poor thing! I was burgled twice, once when they smashed through my front door and ransacked the house! Very unnerving and doesn’t it make your blood boil!! I always bold the door now, always! Fab images, love the idea of the bike rack except mountain bike is covered mud, don’t think it would look as good as the image! Have a good day x

  2. I also have a table similar to the white “lift drawer” one shown here, mine is from BoConcept (see AA FORUM) and it is fabulous to store magazines, brochures and anything that would look bad plonked anywhere:) I love how mine look and I think sometime a coffee table can be a bit pricey, but you end up saving in other areas. Hopefully:) ahaha

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