Talking Art

Big thank you to everyone who has posted in regarding faux taxidermy – we will be working on the Style Panel today so if you still want to be part of it, the cut off is 3’oclock.

Some newsy stuff before we get down to business.  The sale ends tomorrow at midnight so if you’re thinking of coming to a class, doing the online class or purchasing, everything (apart from the new stuff) is 20% off just to give you guys the heads up. Also tomorrow we will be having a flash sale on some final pieces, so far on the list a pendant for £15 some vintage rugs I’ve picked up on my travels for under £100 (and one of them is huge) and a heap of other stuff. Flash sale goes live at 11am tomorrow.

Oh talking of  tomorrow at 1pm I’ll be holding a very stylish google hangout with Rated People so if you fancy shooting me a question all details are here.

Right then we have been super busy over on the website recently shooting lots of new products and changing it up a bit. We’ve just finished the art section of which I am extremely proud as we have some amazing new artists; see below oh and the link to the art is here:




I have become rather obsessed with art of late, especially as with autumn around the corner my emphasis shifts from outdoor to indoor, and nothing changes a space up like art!

I like art that is a little bad boy, unconventional, packs a punch, makes you linger and think – I guess art that mirrors my interiors really. In the next few weeks we will be putting a selection of this art in store, so you can also see it there. I want a tiny gallery space at the back with prints, canvases, sketches that you can simply pull off the wall and walk away with! Oh and if you fancy whiling away 10 minutes Andi Potamkin over on Rue Daily talks art, shows you round her Chelsea NYC apartment and studio. She’s lovely I shot her pad for my latest book and its full to the brim with interesting art.

See you in a bit x

7 thoughts on “Talking Art

  1. Hi, am about to move into a house that has the most finely crafted beautiful Art Nouveau glass in the vestibule door – the trouble is, I dont really like it, and yet dont feel that I can remove it as it is original and a superb example of its type. BUT how do I decorate a hallway without it looking either boring (leaving the glass as the only pattern), overly cluttered (I love kilims on the floor normally), or too contrived (I so dont want to “pick up a colour from the glass”!!! teh only furniture will be an antique console table and tall mirror over (with a couple of lamps) – any advice would be welcome please!!

    • I think rugs will help you out big time because then the only pattern won’t be in the door and it won’t feel contrived. If you don’t love it you need to take the emphasis away from it by having the odd other patterned thing in the room like the rug – oh and nothing wrong with picking up on some of the hues in the door and translating that to the rug.

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