The unhotel

Throwing open the doors of my pad today as its Design School! Its a big class  due to the computer malfunctioning yet again and not shutting the day down, but hey we will manage even though it may be a bit of a squeeze. The two M’s are booked in for school since there are so many of us – and I’m already beginning  to worry about them as they haven’t been for a while (we’re home schooling you know)!  ‘Never worry worry until worry worries you,’ my mother told me a zillion times growing up as I have a tendency to worry about everything and everyone I know.

Moving on, have you guys heard of One fine Stay,? Kind of like airbnb  I guess but a little more curated. Instead of staying in hotels you can stay in someone’s pad. The spaces all share similar vibes in that they are intriguing, some are elegant, some quirky but all of them are pretty darn cool. Homeowners also give you recommendation of whats hot and happening in the area. and get this there are even hotel style amenities like bathrooms getting kitted out with luxury toiletries.

I know this is sounding like some kind of advert but you guys know right I won’t take advertising on this blog,. I don’t and won’t get into that game,  rather this blog is about me yabbering about cool stuff and I reckon  One Fine Stay is pretty cool. They don’t have homes all over the world yet they are building up their portfolio so for now its just London, Paris, NYC and LA.

Here is one of the places in LA:






7 thoughts on “The unhotel

  1. I stayed at a One Fine Stay property in NYC back in April. It was fab and we had a nice place even though our choices were limited (some of the really nice places don’t let you have little kids). For example, one place they showed me had a broken glass art installation and way too much other expensive art – I wouldn’t trust my kids either. We had a little 2 bedroom in Gramercy Park (my chosen location) and I felt like a real New Yorker again. First time I got homesick in a long time.

  2. i just got a postcard asking me to join One Fine Stay. The address on the envelope was handwritten but there was no return address. Curious how they got my info, although i suppose i should be flattered? I’m not sure if I would want people staying in my apt. I’d be especially concerned about my art. How does one go about ensuring that the guests are trustworthy? Just blindly trust and hope insurance will cover if something goes wrong?

    • I guess they have policies in place for that, with so many other companies doing it as well like airbnb I am sure all that is taken into consideration by insurance otherwise no one would rent their homes out right

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