Check Out My Forum

I’ve been over on my Forum for the past hour and yet again am amazed at all the fabulous spaces, help, advice and general camaraderie. It has been so bonkers lately that I’ve neglected the forum and missed it big time, but as we’re getting more help (yay hay) I am back and checking in on a regular basis so if you fancy joining it click here.

You don’t have to have rooms finished, you can post befores, ask for help on ideas, sources, anything decorating related really!

A sneak peak below from Mariska Meijers pad, she has an amazing pad, and I say sneak peak because this week I’m over on the forum continually as I’m looking for spaces to put in my bigger fatter journal. So if you fancy getting your pad highlighted across my social media channels then do join and I look forward to seeing you over there.

In the meantime how sweet is this little detail?


2 thoughts on “Check Out My Forum

  1. I met Mariska at her store in Amsterdam this past weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing her pad – her store is gorgeous. She was winding down on a Saturday evening and she offered us wine (and the kids had some sort of Dutch Ribena). Lovely person.

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