Easy Weekend Makeovers

OK so its Tuesday not Saturday but I figured if we discussed it now then there is plenty of time to run out and get any materials. Easy weekend makeovers, the sort you can undertake in a day or less, fun ones that make the world of difference not ones where you need a zillion different tools and heaps of time.

Redo your front door. Mary Portas has a pink one, mine is black, adding a fresh coat of paint makes a heap of difference. For the last few years we have had building works around us creating so much dust, dirt let alone noise but luckily its now nearly at an end. So I might no longer be talking to the neighbour (who has serious taste level issues ) and chopped down a massive tree in OUR garden whilst in Australia, but at least building works are nearly finished and everything can get a fresh coat of paint.

xCreate a mudroom, pretty essential for this house with dogs and muddy fields. Some skinny bench in the hallway to plonk, a tray to catch all the mud, a soft rug underneath. Done!

xxCreate a gallery. In an alcove, on the stairwell the great thing about saloon style hanging is that it doesn’t matter about the cost of the artwork because you aren’t focusing on any one image you’re looking at the thing as a whole. So kids art, flea market art, prints, posters, pages from magazines all look fabulous.

xxxAdd another zone. An additional little conversational nook say, an impromptu home office somewhere to plonk for a few mins. I can’t tell you how many different seating zones I’ve got around here but they add those all important layers and cosy up a space like nothing else. I’ve created little desks out of console tables, barely big enough for a seat, lamp, heap of recipe books but it looks cute and has totally enlived the kitchen!

xxxxRight then got to fly – off to the supermarket as cooking on the big green egg this evening and have the busiest day so its grocery shopping at 6am!  Last night I ruined the supper took my eye off the temp and it got up to 600F and burnt everything to a crisp! Although get this, I was out there until after 8 o’clock in my pj’s and uggs, halving limes, blackening chillies, making slaw, lighting candles – loved it!

Oh and you know what I’m going to the grocery store in my pyjamas now, figured with a mac slung over no one will know right!

12 thoughts on “Easy Weekend Makeovers

  1. Loving the idea if a mini weekend makeover and whilst I’m unable to do some of you suggestions as we are in a rental at mo I will have a go at the little seating nook but please please don’t go to the supermarket in your jim jams for me this is just a step too far no longer do we get the opertunity to get glammed up any more because everything has become so casual and if everyone starts wearing PJs to do the supermarket shop (you are not alone in this) where will it end PJs for work! If you must shop in PJs do it online 😉

  2. Abigail your post made me giggle….I could clearly see you swanning around your garden in your PJ’s having a ball!! Just one question…where on earth do you get so much energy from??? Grocery shopping at 6am…my word! It makes me tired just thinking about it…

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